Finding a Gift for Your Spouse

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If you love giving gifts, then finding the right gift for friends and family is extremely important to you. As far as you’re concerned, a gift basket won’t do, and you’d never give your spouse a pair of pants. Big or small, a birthday or once-in-a-life occasion, gifts need to be just right. When it comes to finding the right gift for your spouse, however, things can get tricky. Shopping for a partner can be stressful, so finding the right gift for your darling, year after year, can be a bit of a challenge. Without further ado, here’s a list of suggestions for finding the right gift for your spouse.


Go Personal

When it comes to sentimental gifts, there’s almost no limit to what you can do. While you wouldn’t want to make every gift about your relationship and love, the occasional “I love you” present can be much more valuable than an ordinary item. You can personalize canvas prints, glassware, cufflinks, watches, socks, shirts, flasks, mugs, puzzles, laptop decals, car decals, and just about anything else you can think of. Whether it’s something sweet and tender, or a hilarious inside joke, celebrating your marriage through a personalized gift could be one of your spouse’s favorite gifts, ever.


Go Flirty
More than anything else, your spouse loves you, so finding a way to flirt with him or her can give you great gift ideas. You can get something for the bedroom or find a book of coupons for back-rubs and kisses. You can also make a jar full of things you love and respect about your partner–wrapping the notes around candy, or just popping them in on their own. Sugary or not, a list like that will probably mean more to your spouse than any expensive gift.


Go With His or Her Interests
While personal and flirty gifts are some of the best kinds, you can’t always rely on gifts like those. For most birthdays and Christmases, try to find a special gift for your spouse by engaging with one of his interests. It may help to have a list on hand of all of your spouse’s passions–whether it’s sports, gardening, hiking, history, his favorite show, cooking, or something else–most passions can be translated into a great gift. With sites like Society6 and Etsy, you can find just about anything custom-made for a specific interest. Golf-soap to Lord of the Rings blankets to Fantasy Football Draft Boards, you can find a great gift that tickles your spouse’s fancy. He or she is sure to appreciate the time and care you took to find it.


Try Something New

If finding an item that your spouse will love proves too difficult, planning an experience together can be a great alternative. Perhaps book a lesson together, especially if it’s something that neither of you have tried before. Taking a dance class or even learning Advanced Surf Lessons will not only be exciting–it will also help you to learn something new about one another. There’s also nothing like a spontaneous trip. If you and your loved one have always wanted to escape somewhere together, this may well be the time to do it. If you book ahead of time and use some strategies, you can make a fairly affordable trip. And you can make the very place you stay be an experience! If the two of you have long dreamed of a tropical getaway, research Vacation rentals in Cali Colombia or a similar region and have an experience superior to a regular hotel room.


Your marriage is a gift that can last a lifetime, so next time you’re on the gift-hunt for your spouse, do some brainstorming. You’ll likely find two or three good things each time you investigate, so keep a list aside for future gift ideas. That way, during the Christmas whirl, when you’re crunched for time, you can still deliver a zinger. Gifts are a great way of showing love, so keep the spark alive with gifts that show you care.