No excuse in ‘She asked for it’

By SpencerRoush

It’s normal for college students to spend their free time bar hopping or clubbing, wearing clothes different from everyday attire. It’s fun to get dressed up and go out, and sometimes the skirts are shorter, the necklines are lower and the jewelry is flashier. But donning a hot little dress, high heels and lipstick is sometimes considered an excuse for men to commit sex crimes against women for wearing said outfits—because they’re “asking for it.”

That sentiment is an ongoing problem facing many young college-age people, especially women.

It was echoed after a March 8 New York Times article displayed a one-sided story about an 11-year-old girl getting gang raped inside an abandoned trailer in Cleveland, Tex. , by 18 males, ranging from middle school age to 27.

The New York Times only perpetuated this notion when the article’s author, James McKinley Jr., included quotes from disapproving neighbors and others not willing to go on the record who placed blame on the girl and her mother with phrases like, “How could their young men been drawn into such an act?”

Residents said the event all but destroyed their small town community. However, no quotes were included speaking on the girl’s behalf.

This made the included interviews even more despicable. Also in the controversial article, residents were quoted saying the girl dressed older than she was and wore makeup as someone in her 20s would. That must mean it’s OK to assault someone if it looks like he or she is of age. The girl apparently hung out with teenage boys at

the playground.

The real kicker came when a woman who knows several of the suspects said, “These boys have to live with this for the rest of their lives.” Yes, what a shame for them.

The temptation clearly was too much for them, and the maturely dressed victim wanted it anyway, right?

Because predators like this can’t resist certain outfits or makeup, I guess people should start wearing old, oversized clothes and stop brushing their hair to avoid sexual harassment—otherwise they get what’s coming to them.

While the author never directly expressed his opinion of the matter, who he decided to interview and the quotes he chose to include were clearly a poor journalistic choice.

In a male-dominated society, it’s no surprise these repugnant sentiments continue to exist, treating women as objects to be manhandled whenever seen fit, and the feminists who stand up for women’s rights are mentally off-kilter with a dangerous, power-hungry agenda.

Even though this vicious attack happened in a quiet Texas town to a young girl, women of all ages need to come together to completely nix the “she-was-asking-for-it” excuse.

We’re in the 21st century, and it’s time we start taking responsibility for actions and stop blaming fashion trends and makeup for people’s lack of self control.