Drake donates nearly $1M in newest music video


Protests break out in Puerto Rico as frustration grows

By Ariana Portalatin

Drake’s Feb. 16 music video release for his single, “God’s Plan,” is bringing the rapper great success. The song is currently in its fourth week on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart and has accumulated more than 54 million views. However, the song’s popularity is not entirely because of the music itself, but the actions within the video.

In the video, Drake is distributing his million-dollar production budget to people around Miami, telling supermarket shoppers that everything on the shelves is free, surprising a student with a scholarship check, giving gift cards to women at a shelter and more.

Drake has been praised for his generosity and he’s even proud of himself, as he should be. Donating money and showing these acts of kindness is important for celebrities, especially those with as much influence as Drake.

While some may have questioned the sincerity of the video, many have taken note of the positive response overpowering the small amount of criticism. In a Feb. 17 tweet, Adult Swim Senior Vice President and Creative Director of On-Air Jason DeMarco wrote, “The Drake video is good. Insanely rich ppl giving money away is good, I don’t care if it’s self-serving.”

However, one opponent stood out among all the praise. Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg did question the motives behind the video, saying, “Is it a little bit cheap to use those emotions of, ‘Look at this person in need getting something good,’ and transfer those emotions onto yourself?”

“I don’t know the last time I saw a four-minute montage of ‘Look at all the nice things I do,’” Rosenberg said.

It’s easy to question the authenticity of a celebrity doing good deeds, particularly with celebrities as prolific as Drake. Acts of kindness should come from a good place rather than self promotion.

In a Feb. 20 CNBC article, reporter Emmie Martin did consider that the video may have been in response to a years-old feud with artist Uncle Luke who once slammed Drake and other rappers in a written critique for partying in Miami without investing anything into the city. Drake has enough stardom to not need this kind of self promotion. The rapper was apparently not a fan of the criticism and confronted Rosenberg about it.

According to a Feb. 22 Complex article, Drake angrily called Rosenberg, asking the radio personality, “I don’t understand how I could do something so positive and you could nd a way to make it negative.”

After backlash from audience members, Rosenberg went back on air Feb. 22 to explain the phone call, pointing out how upset the rapper was by his comments.

“I could hear in his voice that this was very clearly the most important thing that he’s ever done,” Rosenberg said. “He was clearly very affected by doing something so good for people. He meant it so sincerely. It made me feel terrible.”

Drake also explained to Rosenberg the work that goes into making a music video of that nature, which is why it may have looked staged and inauthentic, including how the people given money were chosen and the process of giving the money away.

It’s important that Drake took the time to explain the logistics behind the music video to help others understand the process and to deter criticism from what he felt was a positive event. Drake’s deeds are something to be praised and encouraged in order for the work to continue.

Ultimately, the result of more fortunate celebrities helping others is far more rewarding than sales, video views or chart listings.