Head over heels: Why I am only cuffing my GPA, fall trends and Starbucks this season

By Managing Editor

As temperatures steadily decline and every morning brings a foggy sky, it seems like the perfect time to hit the snooze button twice and cuddle up to the person—or pillow—of your choice.

The summer fun has ended and fall has started to creep in, bringing scarves, pumpkin spice lattes and the perfect cuddling weather—this is the time officially known as “cuffing season.”

The middle of September through early October is prime time for cuffing season to manifest. All the players—men and women—get a lineup of their summer flings that have the potential to become a long-term cuddle buddy or relationship.

Cuffing season takes place in the fall and winter months because people fall in love with the idea of settling down to stay warm as Chicago turns the cold shoulder.

It is like sifting through your fantasy football team to find your best player to train during the off-season.

Most of us have been on our best—or worst—behavior the last couple of weeks to get our stats up and try to look like cuffing material.

However, I found myself asking the same question multiple times this summer: “What if I’m not on anyone’s cuffing list?” I then quickly answered that question with, “I better be someone’s first-round draft pick, or else.” Let’s be honest, these guys would be lucky.

The real question is what if I choose not to be cuffed by anyone?

So instead, I am going to cuff my GPA, Starbucks and the latest fall fashion trends.

While you can’t cuddle with any of these things—except for maybe new fall clothes—they cannot let you down like some girl or guy can.

I know, you are probably thinking, “What could be more fulfilling than waking up to someone special on these chilly mornings?”

A new wardrobe you can change up whenever you want to. Starbucks, because when you are sick of pumpkin spice and everything nice, you can switch it up with a peppermint mocha. Most importantly, what could be a smarter move than ditching your boo to hit the books? Your GPA will be with you forever, and well, you cannot say the same about the MVP of your summer flings.

Humans are not perfect, and what if your star player has a bad season? Chances are you cannot just replace them because everyone else will already be cuffed up.

Then you’re left cuddling with no one and picking up the slack of whatever you put off to make time for your bae.

I am not going to lie—if one of my prospects comes through and wants to cuff me, I might think about letting them. However, my first three priorities will not take a backseat to anyone—except Katherine Davis. Look her up.

So while some of you are feeling the pressure to draft your future boo ‘thangs, keep in mind that you do not have to cuff your summer fling and you certainly do not have to cuff something that will not get you ahead in life.