All things irritating

By Bethany Reinhart

I  will be the first to admit; I do not have the most even-keel, calm and composed temperament.I have been known to walk around The Chronicle’s newsroom with a steak knife in hand and, in Rahm Emanuel fashion,  drive it into a wall when my stress level reaches boiling point. When I’m preparing to leave for the airport and things won’t fit in my suitcase, it’s common to see me beating the crap out of a sweater or pair of jeans. On more than one occasion I have driven my stiletto heels into inanimate objects that really don’t deserve my wrath. My boss’s file cabinet, the office microwave and numerous walls are just a few things that have served as punching or kicking bags in the past few years. On a positive note, I never take my aggression out on humans or animals.

I once believed my uncontrollable desire to fight with inanimate objects was passed down from my grandfather, who was a professional lightweight boxer. However, the truth is,  I can’t really blame Grandpa Masica. My lack of positive stress management techniques and the plethora of irritating things I notice on a daily basis are the driving forces behind my melodramatic temper tantrums. So, in an effort to make it through finals without stabbing more walls,  I’ve decided to try something cathartic—writing a column about things that annoy me. I guess we won’t know if it was successful until May 14. At any rate, here are a few of my least favorite things:

People who walk on the left side of the sidewalk: For the love of God, we are in America. Please obey proper road and sidewalk rules and remain on the right side! This is an unspoken, unwritten rule that should be adhered to.

Leggings: I’m sorry, but these are just not a substitute for pants. I know that goes against the latest fashion trend but honestly, one day you will look back and wonder  what the heck you were thinking when you wore nothing but leggings and a T-shirt. Please, for everyone’s sake, cover your butt.

The lack of paper towels and hot water in many Columbia washrooms: I understand we are trying to “go green” and all, but when four women are waiting for one hand dryer, chances are three of them are going to wipe their cold, wet hands on their jeans (or leggings, ew) and head back to class. This is just unsanitary. Columbia, please help us stay germ-free by providing paper towels in our washrooms.  Also,  warm water would really be nice.

Soda thieves: I am the only person in my office who drinks caffeine-free diet Coke and yet I frequently find that my stash has been raided and the thieves are never kind enough to replenish. Soda thieves, please stop stealing from a poor college student.

Frigid office temperature: No matter the season, it is always frigid in my office. During the summer the air conditioning blasts ice cold air and in the winter, the drafty windows provide no insulation. I’d love to wear a skirt or tank top to work one of these days, but every time I attempt to bare my skin, I wind up covered in goose bumps and searching for the blanket I keep near my desk.

Although I could go on more about things that drive me crazy,  I think it is time for me to search for my favorite soda,  take off  my stilettos,  curl up with my blanket  and get to work.