We Three mixes pop-rock with storytelling

By Katherine Savage

Mixing pop and rock genres with honest songwriting is the goal of We Three, a band of siblings based out of Oregon.

The band’s career kick-started when they appeared on Season 13 of “America’s Got Talent” starting May 29. Their song “Heaven’s Not Too Far,”  a tribute to their mother who died of cancer, was their big winner.

We Three is gearing up to release a first album and perform the national anthem the Oct. 14 NFL game in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Chronicle spoke with bass player Bethany Blanchard about We Three’s time on “America’s Got Talent,” their inspirations and their upcoming projects.

THE CHRONICLE: Where do you get your inspiration?

BLANCHARD: We were surrounded by music when we grew up. Our grandpa was a good musician and everybody around us played. When it came to songwriting, we realized that we aren’t the greatest at expressing ourselves. The inspiration that comes to you when you write and get it out, then actually sharing it with people, was very appealing to us.

Why did you decide to form a band?

Since our dad and his siblings were in a band, we had it modeled to us. We were always playing in school bands, and we would record with people as fillers for other bands. Then, [pianist and drummer] Josh and I arranged a Stevie Wonder cover for one of his friend’s concerts. We realized it was super fun to take something and make it your own. [Guitarist] Emanuel started joining in and we started realizing we loved arranging cover tunes, which then lead to writing our own music.

What was it like to be on “America’s Got Talent?”

[It was] such an amazing and unforgettable experience. It gave us the push that we needed. We are very driven people and before AGT, we were spinning our wheels and didn’t have a clear direction. We were looking hard but we didn’t necessarily see where we were headed. It was a platform that validated a lot of things and it gave us the push to keep going in this direction.

Why did you write “Heaven’s Not too Far” in your Mom’s perspective? 

That one was written over a year ago, before AGT had even reached out to us. It was a song Emanuel wrote. He was trying to write something good enough to tell about our experience in losing [our] mom. He couldn’t get anything out about Mom for almost a year. Then this all came to him. It almost became too shallow to write it from his perspective. He felt like it wasn’t good enough to express what happened so he felt like he had to switch perspectives. It was just a very therapeutic thing for us.

What can you tell me about your new album?

This is going to be a 12-track album. The release date is not yet scheduled. We have probably never been more excited about a project. There’s a lot of stories in this album. Each song tells more about us and where we’ve come from and our different experiences.

What do you want people to take away from listening to your music?

One of the biggest things we live by when it comes to writing songs is not hiding from what’s going on. It doesn’t have to be dramatic but it could just be exactly what you’re feeling. Find a way to say it and don’t try and sound smart when you say it, even if it sounds stupid. Sometimes those are the coolest songs.