Head over heels: Your couch may be ruining your fashion game and your dating life

By Managing Editor

The couch: A perfect place to crash for a nap between classes, a casual movie night with your boo ‘thang or Saturdays spent in your sweats or leggings catching up on all things Netflix. But what if I told you the couch is about to become public enemy No. 1 when it comes to dating and fashion?

Society has gotten too comfortable and lazy, not only with what we are wearing, but also in how we are dating. Leggings have replaced jeans and movie nights at the crib have deep-sixed the possibility of being wined-and-dined. 

You may be thinking, “This isn’t that bad. It’s not like a zombie apocalypse is taking place where I would have to get off of the couch—God forbid—and fight anyone. I’m on a Netflix binge, so I can watch the new season of ‘Scandal.’” 

But even the most high-maintenance individuals and fashion lovers are trading strolls through the park or dinner while dressed to-the-nines for a couch date paired with oversized sweats and leggings. Add a bottle of wine and you do not need a glamorous date night—it is already the comfiest fairy tale ever.  

The major question here is why sweats, leggings and couch dating are so appealing to us. 

It is simple—sweats and leggings are comfortable. Pair that with a cute guy or girl wrapped up in a blanket and that leads to cuddling. Cuddling is awesome—it may be better than having to do your hair, makeup and find something to wear for what may turn out to be an extraordinary or extremely awkward date out on the town. 

Today, everyone is busy multitasking, catching trains and running through the city from classes to internships and from jobs to the library. At the end of the day, we just want to relax because there is already enough adventure in our daily lives.

Most of you are probably still asking what the problem is with comfortable clothes and comfortable dates, and I found myself questioning the same thing (just last week). 

After I noticed a  frequent “what are u doing?” text popping up on my phone around midnight from the guy I have been seeing, I realized I fell into the couch-dating trap, too.

There were no texts or calls regarding a spontaneous date night telling me to be ready by a certain time because those texts went out the door the night I decided to take it to the couch. 

While the couch dates were pressure-free, cozy and convenient, they do nothing to rival the excitement of getting dolled up and going out with your crush.  

Forget the flowers, champagne and creative date nights. “Let’s just chill at my place.”

Add that to the devastation you will experience after trying to fit into a pair of jeans you have been avoiding since you bought five pairs of leggings from H&M. Spandex is forgiving, denim is not, and now you have gained 20 pounds and only have weeks of lazy ensembles and couch dates to show for it.