You’re cracking me up

By Kay Luna

I’m LOVING all the Turkey-Day disaster stories you’re posting for me. They’re hilarious – and you’re making me feel a little bit better (just a wee bit) about holiday cooking.

I mean, everyone flubs up now and then. Then, we can all laugh about it later! HAHA! So, please – keep the stories coming. I think this could make a really funny story to run in the paper, so some of you might be hearing from me by e-mail to see if you’d be willing to let me use your real names. Some of these stories are just TOO GOOD to keep to ourselves.

My worries about holiday cooking are going away a little, but not my anxiety over the holiday-season planning in general. What’s the big deal? Well, due to some unforeseen family situations popping up, our Christmas traditions are getting turned upside down this year.

So, I’m finding myself reflecting a lot about what new traditions we might want to create, and how we can go about doing it.

Plus, I have my daughter’s 3rd birthday, and my husband’s (cough, cough, cough – hate to bust him out on his age!) birthday to celebrate and plan for in December, too.

Seriously, how do you juggle it all at your house? I know I can’t be the only one worrying about this already. Maybe it’s not people or events you’re juggling, but finances or service work around the holiday season.

If any of you might be willing to talk about this issue (using your real name) for a possible story about how people divide up their time at the holidays, please let me know.

In the meantime, please keep making me giggle.