An open letter to the CFAC steering committee

By Letter to the Editor, by Jason Betke

I am a member in good standing of the Columbia Faculty Union interested in running in our upcoming elections. But I feel that I am already running at a disadvantage.

With our recent affiliation vote, CFAC members approved changes to the bylaws and constitution that will affect the way we elect members of our steering committee. But those changes were not completely made available for members to read before the election, and they still have not been made available.

CFAC leadership knows what those changes are. I do not. Leadership can therefore make plans for the upcoming election. I cannot.

Leadership has access to email lists of all voting members in all departments. Leadership can make plans to target certain members. I cannot.

Leadership knows how many department representatives we will be electing in each department. I do not. How many department representatives might there be in my department, Cinema and Television Arts? Leadership knows this, I do not.

If leadership was truly interested in a fair election, we would already know the changes to the constitution and bylaws. We would already have an election committee that would be communicating the guidelines and deadlines to interested members.

I implore leadership to make every effort to ensure we have a fair election. Leadership can start by sharing information that should be available to all members.

In solidarity,

Jason Betke

Cinema and Television Arts adjunct professor