In response to Admiral Theatre ad

By Letter to the Editor, by Ron Fleischer

Sexual abuse and mistreatment of women is a hot topic these days and [it] should not have taken this long for our society to bring into the media spotlight. People, especially young people, need to understand that this kind of behavior is unacceptable and has consequences. All women need to be treated with respect in all professions and areas of life, and our culture needs to stop objectifying them. So how about The Chronicle [takes] a stand by considering dropping the long running ads paid for by The Admiral Theatre, a north-side “Gentlemen’s Club,” which is basically a strip club?

Ron Fleischer, associate professor,

Interactive Arts and Media

Editor’s response:

The Chronicle believes wholeheartedly that women should not be mistreated or objectified in any aspect of life, especially at work. However, The Chronicle also believes it is not the place of the newspaper to tell the women who work at The Admiral Theatre that their choice of job is not legitimate. 

The Chronicle will continue to run ads for legal and legitimate places of business, unless it becomes clear that those businesses are mistreating their employees.

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