The Bug Snack

By JeffGraveline

It’s that time of night—the time of night when one is up late cramming for that last midterm and slowly the hunger bug creeps up. The question is: sweet or salty, crunchy or chewy? Decisions, decisions.

Tomorrow’s exam can take a back seat, all one can think about are delicious snacks. Raiding the fridge, tearing through the cabinets and sweeping through the pantry only to find a few vegetables, a handful of raisins, a bottle of honey and jar of smooth, creamy peanut butter. With a favorite plate at hand, a masterpiece unfolds: the bug snack.

First, collect three stalks of celery and wash them under cool water, then pat dry. Next, slice off the ends of the celery to leave three clean stalks.

Lay the three stalks on a cutting surface and slice each in half horizontally. Place the six pieces on the plate and begin to build the bug. Take the honey and lightly drizzle it onto each piece of celery, coating the inside crevice completely.

Next, carefully spoon one tablespoon of your favorite rich and smooth peanut butter onto each of the six pieces, covering the honey and fill the inside of the celery.

Finally, the most important ingredient comes into play—the icing on the cake; the butter on the popcorn.

Of course, it’s the raisins. Those glorious, antioxidant filled, dried pieces of fruit!

Place eight on each peanut buttery, crunchy, honey filled piece of celery like buttons on a snowman and it’s time to

dig in.

The combination of sweet, salty, crunchy and chewy answers the study hunger pangs. The protein from the peanut butter and the natural sugar from the honey and raisins both taste good and are healthy to eat.

The moral of the story is to think twice before tossing aside those random foods that can always be found lingering on the top shelf of the kitchen cabinets. One can never know what a delicious snack they could make. And always remember, food generates brain power, so next time you get stuck in a rut, there’s always refuge in a creepy-crawly friend waiting to come to your rescue.