Student Government Association plans for new academic year

By Tessa Brubaker, Campus Reporter

President of the Student Government Association, Malik Woolfork at the SGA office, The Loft, 916. S Wabash Ave. on Aug. 29.

Student Government Association is planning to host more fun collegewide activities and meetings this fall–hoping to boost student engagement and morale.

The first of the new style events, the annual Meet SGA is scheduled for today in the HAUS, 623 S. Wabash Ave. where students can participate in a 90’s themed karoke activity and entertaining crafts.

Malik Woolfork, senior business and entrepreneurship major, said he is excited to take on his new role as president of SGA. After watching previous SGA presidents during his three years with the organization, he said he is confident in his abilities to handle such a large responsibility—including the new approach to SGA activities.

“I’m ready to just try some different things,” Woolfork said. “See what’s working, see what doesn’t work.”

Veronique Hall, sophomore cultural studies major and SGA’s executive vice president of communications, said she is looking forward to engaging more students by planning more classroom visits and hosting collegewide forums and town hall meetings. Hall added that the additional events will allow students to connect to their student government more than in previous years.

“We’re not here to just lecture,” Woolfork said. “We want to give you information, but we also want to have fun.”

SGA will also hold regular meetings every Tuesday at 5 p.m. at the 916 S. Wabash Ave. Building starting on Sept. 12. These meetings are open to all Columbia students.

Woolfork said that throughout his senior year, he wants to leave an impact on the organization by ensuring students’ concerns are heard.

“I want to make sure that when I leave, there is some type of shift or change,” Woolfork said. “[I want to] make sure that the student’s voice is included in all of this.”