‘I will be applying for Canadian citizenship’—Election result shocks Clinton supporters but applaud a race well run

Brothers Dan and Joe Goebel showed off their support for Hillary Clinton with t-shirts and stickers at Sidebar’s election night viewing party Nov. 8. 


Election Night in Chicago’s Boystown neighborhood was full of mixed emotions from Democrats, ranging from cheers as early results were tallied to shock and boos as the outcome of the presidential race became evident.

Sidetrack, a neighborhood bar at 3349 N. Halsted St., hosted its traditional election party, which brought in a packed crowd to show support for the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. As the evening wore on and GOP candidate Donald Trump was named the president-elect of the United States, the exhilaration turned to shock and horror.

Although bar patrons were overwhelmingly alarmed by the result, they applauded Clinton’s attitude and perseverance throughout the election.

Clinton supporter Will Taylor said this election was the most important one of the younger generation’s lifetime, but the candidate’s baggage may have deterred some older and middle-aged voters.

Nonetheless, Taylor praised Clinton’s demeanor towards Trump and her effort to unite the Democratic party. 

 “She has run a very positive campaign and the support of the President and Michelle Obama has given her the best boost she can get,” Taylor said.

Taylor said the contrast between Trump and Clinton has never been so stark. Seeing the stock market crash and the American dollar drop will be inevitable results of Trump’s presidency, but he said the only thing to do is “go on with life.”

 “There have never been two candidates who represented such completely different visions for the whole world,” he said.

However, Taylor’s financial prediction did not come to pass. In early futures trading, the Dow Jones Industrials and other market indicators dropped dramatically, but soared into record high territory for most of the trading day, finishing 1.4 percent higher.

Leading up to the presidential win, some Clinton supporters seemed optimistic she would pull through and defeat Trump. Dan and Joe Goebel, wearing Clinton t-shirts and stickers, were hoping for a historic victory of the first female president and came to Sidetrack to share what they hoped would be good news.

Earlier in the evening, Dan Goebel said the energy and excitement throughout the election season has positively affected political awareness.

“People seem to be very engaged, and voter turnout is up,” he said, which he credited to Clinton’s campaign.

But a sense of gloom set in as the results came in, bringing the stress level to an all-time high for some viewers like Rae Yung, a graphic designer who just moved to Boystown.

Yung said the election has been “mind-boggling,” and Trump further perpetuates hope for Republican control. His amount of influence is a frightening thought, she added.

“It [is] unbelievable that this is actually happening,” Yung said. “I will be applying for Canadian citizenship.”