DMX, bark don’t bite


Ihmoud’s Moods

By Media Relations Editor

Anger and frustration are common feelings we all have, but sometimes it’s best to reserve them for a good cause, especially if you plan to violently act out your anger.

Damon Feldman, who is known for promoting celebrity-boxing matches, is planning a fight that would pit Trayvon Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman, against washed-up rapper DMX, according to a Feb. 5 CBS report.

A lot of people who think Zimmerman dodged the justice system may want to beat the living hell out of him or see him get his ass kicked. Unfortunately, a Zimmerman knockout would not mean justice in this case. He would just be another D-list celebrity-type collecting a fat check.

Allowing Zimmerman to make money off the recognition he got for murdering a young black teen would make a mockery of

Martin’s death.

According to the CBS report, Feldman said there would not be tickets sold to the fight, but it will be on Internet pay-per-view. There is no definite figure for how much money this fight could generate, but considering the high profile contestants, it could draw a

pretty penny.

The money to be made with this celebrity-boxing match would belittle Martin’s death and should not overshadow the fact that someone playing “cops and robbers” removed an innocent life from this earth.

If this fight were to actually happen, a majority of the viewers would be in the corner of whoever agrees to throw jabs at Zimmerman. The CBS report said Feldman recruited DMX, another man who has had trouble with the law. Feldman received more than 15,000 emails asking to be Zimmerman’s challanger.

DMX has not been relevant in the rap game for more than a decade; however, he had his own run-ins with the law and could probably use the money he would receive from the fight.

But DMX and everyone supporting the fight should consider the Martin family and ask themselves if they would want Trayvon’s life mocked in this manner. If you really want to help the Martin family, sign the petition at that’ll put an end to this insulting fight and donate to the Trayvon Martin Foundation.

The TMF has a Peace Walk to help raise awareness about violent crimes and how they affect families. I sincerely doubt a violent fight would help the Martin family cope with the loss of their son.

The fight is scheduled for March 14, according to CBS.

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