Head Over Heels: Kim Kardashian goes full-frontal, breaks Internet

By Managing Editor

Ever since Kim Kardashian unveiled photos Nov. 11 from a photo shoot that exposed her backside, fans, haters, celebrities and every other social group imaginable loudly vocalized opinions. The photos were a component of the Nov. 12 Paper Magazine article titled “#NoFilter: An afternoon with Kim Kardashian,” an article that aimed to “break the Internet.”

The first time I saw the image, it was beside a photograph of comedian Chelsea Handler exposing her more modest butt adorned with tan lines and her pants sagging just below her cheeks. “Can you believe more than two asses can fit on the same screen? Guess which one’s real. Your move, Instagram,” read Handler’s caption.

I was amused by Handler’s bold move because it is not my first rodeo seeing Kardashian’s buttocks. I mean, is it anyone’s? I assume this is why women—myself included—are doing 100 squats every morning, right?

Celebrities like Naya Rivera took to Kardashian’s comment section saying, “I normally don’t … but you’re someone’s mother.”

As if the Internet’s panties were not already in a bunch, 24 hours later, a full-frontal nude photo from the magazine’s website surfaced.

Internet users were actually looking at Kardashian completely nude—this time, not through pixelated camera footage directed by Ray J from a leaked sex tape that provided Kardashian with her ticket to fame.

If there was anything left to the imagination about Kardashian before these pictures surfaced—there is no more. So why is it a big deal that Kardashian is nude once again for the entire world to see?

When I see something this shocking—“Internet-breaking,” perhaps—I think it should have a sole purpose of inspiring people or shedding light on a pressing issue. Instead, the nude editorial photos of Kardashian leave me questioning why I actually care.

Is it because she is a mother, and mothers should not be posing nude on the Internet? Sure, but is it not wrong to tell mothers that they cannot express their sexuality when in fact that is what led them to be mothers in the first place?

Is the public mad because these photos portray her in a promiscuous light? Viewers should not be upset for that reason because it does not directly affect them in any way at all.

Are they mad because she is flaunting her plastic surgery-graced body in our face? Maybe so. But I bet most people could draft a list of things they are good at that Mrs. Kardashian-West is not. That is what comes with being famous for your body alone.

She has flaunted an unattainable body for years now, and it does not matter how many squats you do, you will never have that behind without some surgery, doll.

So I am going to shrug the photos off and leave the pestering to Ray J. He might come out with a sequel to his sub-par hit about Kardashian, “I Hit it First,” with “I Saw it First.” For the record: We know, Ray J.