Chicago Democrats question future direction of country after Clinton loss

By Metro Reporter

Although some Illinois Democrats won key offices in the state, the defeat of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton for the nation’s highest office was a bitter pill to swallow for Chicago Democrats who gathered to watch election results at Moe’s Cantina, 155 W. Kinzie St. on Nov. 8.

Clinton volunteer Maureen Real, who watched newly elected President Trump clinch several key states throughout the evening, echoed the sentiments of many that night when she called him dishonest, adding that he did not deserve to be president.

“[Trump] inherited his money from his father,” Real said. “He got his wealth on the backs of people he did not pay or care for.”

Trump is a “vulgar” human being, according to Lisa Thomas, a hair stylist and Uber driver who attended the viewing party. She said his remarks about women, immigrants and the mentally disabled are unacceptable, and the former reality star will drive the economy back to where it was in 2008.

Real, who moved to Chicago from central Illinois, said Trump gained support from closed-minded individuals who have not been exposed to people outside their small communities. 

Thomas said Trump has gained support thanks to fear, and the Republican Party is beginning to fall apart because they are unwilling to work with others and fix the true problems in the country. 

“Fix what is broken and that is [Americans] do not come together,” Thomas said. “The diversity of this nation is what made it what it is.” 

Michael Morris, a CIO for an aluminum manufacturer who supported Clinton because of her policy positions, was shocked by Trump’s unexpected win and said he thought Clinton would have an easy victory on Election Day. He added that Trump’s lack of political experience does not eliminate him as a presidential candidate, but his inappropriate comments do.

Comparing Trump to Gov. Bruce Rauner, Thomas said that businessmen are too profit-oriented to be effective public servants.

“[Rauner] came in and thought because he was running big businesses, he could run the state,” Thomas said. “It does not work that way, it is not about him it is about us and the people. 

The victory of now-Democratic Senator Tammy Duckworth over incumbent Mark Kirk was greeted by cheers.

Thomas was happy to see Duckworth, who won by more than 30 points, claim the Senate seat and said her experience is a valuable contribution.

“[Duckworth] deserved to win,” Thomas said. “She is a military veteran, she knows what women want, she knows what the military is all about, she has been around the block.” 

Other notable victories for Illinois Democrats were new Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza, who defeated Republican incumbent Leslie Munger and Kim Foxx, who attended the Clinton watch party, over Republican Christopher Pfannkuche for Cook County state’s attorney.

Those present, like Morris, were comforted by the thought that Trump is unlikely to be able to accomplish his controversial campaign promises, such as the wall to separate the U.S. and Mexico and ban on Muslims.

“A lot of [Trump’s policies] cannot be done,” Morris said. “There still has to be buy in from the other governmental bodies.” 

Real said she has made friends from England, Ireland, Greece and New Zealand through traveling and said they critically question America’s current political climate. 

The former host of “The Apprentice” in the White House puts the country in a “worse light” in world’s view, according to Morris.

“[Trump] makes a mockery of our democratic process,” Morris said. “He does not have the credentials to be president.” 

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