Fight For 15 group protests Trump



Protesters unhappy with Trump’s presidential campaign held signs and carried a Donald Trump piñata as they marched to the Trump Tower.

By Jordan Watkins

Hundreds of protesters spent Columbus Day rallying downtown to show their opposition to presidential candidate Donald Trump. Carrying signs and chanting about equality, the protesters marched from a carpenter’s union building on East Erie Street to the opposite side of the Trump Tower, located at 401 N. Wabash Ave., where they rallied on North Wacker Drive.

The event was sponsored by Fight For 15, a labor group fighting for a nationwide minimum wage hike, but protesters also spoke about other topics such as police brutality and the Illinois state budget. Protesters were also upset about what they call racist remarks made by Trump during his campaign and a lack of progress on immigration reform.

“We are demanding immigration reform, racial equality and fair wages,” said Kentucky Fried Chicken employee Solo Littejohn.

Tanya Moses, a home care provider and union leader, said she is concerned about several issues, including minimum wage and cuts to government services for low-income people.

“We have no funding, but every time we get paid, they’re taking our taxes out for some kind of aid program, yet there’s no money for it?” Moses said. “This is a united front. This is the United States. We all should be important, and we all should put what’s important first, [which] is our children, seniors, [and] families.” 

Moses said she is concerned about funding for childcare and disability services, along with services like the Illinois Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, which helps families pay gas and electric bills.

A number of students joined in the protest, including high school student Tanya McGee, who earned service learning hours for attending.

Another student, Charlie Solis, said he protested for better treatment of immigrants. 

“People come to this county to start off new because in their country it’s poor,” he said. “They have no other choice but to come here.”

The protesters carried a Donald Trump piñata as they marched, often holding it upside down above their heads.

The protest was peaceful, but not everyone present was amused. When protesters arrived at the Trump Tower, they were greeted by a tall, frowning man guarded by police.

One protester said, “We’d like you to deliver this [piñata] to your boss.” The tall man kept his hands in his pockets, stared at the protester, and shook his head no.

The group continued marching before gathering on North Wacker Drive to continue chanting and taking photos in front of the building.

Representatives for Trump declined to comment in response to the protest.