It would be sweet to make Sweetest Day go away

By BenitaZepeda

I hope for all the people dating or for the many who have recently started seeing a special someone, that the relationship survived the past weekend’s wrath of Sweetest Day.

Why do I say this? It’s because Sweetest Day is the most unnecessary holiday of all time, and some people take it way too seriously. Come on, if there is already Valentine’s Day—also unnecessary—what is the need for another nationally recognized day to express how you feel about your significant other when you should be doing so already?

The answer is money. The consumer driven holiday, which falls on the third Saturday in October every year, is another excuse to buy chocolates, flowers, cards and cute little teddy bears holding “I love you” and “Be mine” messages across their fuzzy bodies.

Now I don’t blatantly detest the holiday because I am bitter, nor am I angry because I don’t have a “sweetie,” because I do. I just think it’s absolutely ridiculous when couples get into fights because one simply doesn’t care about the holiday. Ironically, the failure to exchange pseudo-sentimental gifts cause unnecessary tension, and quite possibly, send relationships six feet under.

Also, people have no idea what it was originally intended for. If you are thinking it’s the greeting card holiday it seems to be, you are wrong.

The holiday was created in 1922 by Herbert Birch Kingston, a philanthropist from Ohio and a candy company employee, to honor orphans, homeless people and the less fortunate who might otherwise be “forgotten” by society, by giving them sweets and small gifts. This holiday really took off during the Great Depression.

Well, this is interesting. Sweetest Day was originally for kids? Why is this now a holiday to recognize romance instead of honoring those who are less fortunate?

I would be able to tolerate the holiday and possibly participate in it if it shifted back to the purpose it was originally created for. It would be awesome to honor people like Mr. Kingston intended. I supposed that sort of camaraderie is overshadowed by boxes of chocolate and sexy lingerie.

I wonder if anyone really knows the date that this lovely lover’s holiday falls on before it approaches. If you do know, chances are I don’t want to be friends with you.

Well, maybe I’ll still be friends with you, but please don’t complain to me when your boyfriend or girlfriend has forgotten the holiday because they think it’s pointless too.