Renegades improve, softball team still winless

By Nader Ihmoud

Drinking beer and listening to “Jock Jams” propelled the Isotopes, the Kurtis Production-based softball team, to a 17-11 victory over the Renegades on Oct. 18 at Union Park, 1501 W. Randolph St.

The Renegades failed to win their second game of the season, which was called four and a half innings into the game after the league’s 55-minute time limit was exceeded. The Renegades were plagued by defensive errors, but their offensive effort kept the team competitive throughout.

Even though the Renegades came out of the Oct. 18 matchup on the losing end, co-captains Kate Adkins, film and video major, and Celina Salas, fashion studies major, both agreed the team’s offense was the most improved aspect of its game following the first game of the year. The team did not score in its first game, which ended in a “mercy rule.” The rule gets put into play if a team is trailing by 10 or more runs at the end of the fifth inning or 15 or more after the third.

“In every inning [of our first game], it was pretty much three up [and] three down,” Adkins said.

During the Oct. 18 game, the Renegades scored 11 runs on 8 hits,  with help from two errors by the Isotopes. But the Renegades’ offense and lack of defense was no match for the 17 runs produced by the Isotopes. Salas and Teddy Thornhill, audio arts and acoustics major, believe the team needs to work on hitting and out-fielding in the team’s next practice.

“We definitely need some more practice,” Salas said.

According to Chris Rios, third baseman for the Isotopes, he and his teammates were inspired by the music, beer and good times on the sideline.

“The purpose of the league for us is to get drunk and have a great time with our co-workers and friends,” said John Pappas, captain of the Isotopes.

According to Adkins, because Columbia is a “dry” school and a few of her teammates are underage, they do not drink during games but thought the music was a fun aspect.

The Renegades softball team plays in the Players Sports Group’s Co-Ed 12-inch Tuesday league. The league has four teams: Renegades, Isotopes, Plush and No Limit.

League rules state 10 players play at a time with a maximum of six men playing and a minimum of four women playing per team. If a team only has three female members, the team must take an automatic out in the spot of the batting order the woman would have batted in. The co-ed league’s rules also acknowledge that teams are allowed to bat as many players as they please, but batting more than two males in a row is illegal, including the wrap around of the bottom of the order.

The Renegades have a double-header on Oct. 25 beginning at 6:30 p.m. The team’s first game on Oct. 25 is against No Limit and the second will match them up with Plush after. The Renegades are currently in last place in the league’s standings and are the only team that is winless. Playoffs start Nov. 1.