Tebow’s convictions causing outcry

By Jazzy Davenport

Super Bowl XLIV will be one of many firsts. It will mark the first time the New Orleans Saints reach the big game in the history of their organization. Indianapolis Colts’ Coach Jim Caldwell will also cap off his first season by leading the team to the grand stage. But the firsts of the Super Bowl will not just happen on the field.

Former Florida Gator and Heisman trophy-winning quarterback, Tim Tebow, will appear in a pro-life commercial for the Christian group Focus on the Family. Both Tebow and his mom, Pam Tebow, star in a commercial that will air during the big game on Feb. 7.  Tebow’s mother said she was advised to abort her child during pregnancy because of health concerns, but obviously opted not to.  Ironically, that is indeed the beauty of choice.

Until now, CBS has opted not to air controversial advocacy ads.

Tebow has sparked much controversy for appearing in the ad, and some have said that it may even cost him an NFL contract. Many women—who make up 40 percent of Super Bowl viewers—and pro-choice groups have begun protesting the ad.

Should Tebow be crucified or punished for simply making a statement, advertising his beliefs and speaking out about something that he is passionate about? Pro-life is apparently a social issue that is very dear to him and his family. For if his mother had taken the advice of health professionals, he would not be here today.

However, women aren’t the only ones who have spoken out against the ad. Many men don’t necessarily take issue with the ad itself—they are more concerned that the ad should not have a place on “Super Sunday.”

Athletes promote organizations and encourage people to participate in what they believe to be “right” all of the time.

How many times have we seen commercials encouraging people to donate to an organization for Haiti relief in the past few weeks? There have been athletes, musicians and even the first lady appearing in ads of this kind. How is that any different from what Tebow is doing?

The CBS Network has insisted that the ad is not inflammatory and is well-produced. Tebow is simply standing up for what he believes in. If the conservative organization is willing to pay CBS the $2.8 million price tag to advertise during the most-watched sporting event of the year, then so be it.

If  Tebow’s beliefs contradict yours, simply ignore the ad—it’s only 30 seconds.