Support needed for dissenting adjunct faculty in C-Fac union

By Letter to the Editor, by Jennie Fauls

Because C-Fac members are now being harassed by their own leadership, staff and full-time faculty need to speak out for them.

When C-Fac announced their new “Integrity Committee,” it was accompanied by threats to members. An eightitem resolution says the beatings will continue until morale improves. Fall in line.

It states that any member can be called into a mandatory C-Fac Committee hearing, without representation, for alleged “conduct that causes harm to the aims of the union.”

We know this means they must not ask for bargaining transparency or raise doubts about the good of a permanent strike—an extreme measure that will affect students.

The resolution is full of words like “accuse,” “punish” and “pay.” “Pay,” as in, “pay fines for daring to speak out against C-Fac leaders.”

The Integrity Committee might as well have posted their decree in the Salem, Massachusetts, town square in the late 17th century.

I’d like our open-minded community to know that C-Fac leadership is using absurd and extreme threats against its own members because the majority might not support C-Fac leaders.

In this climate, where discerning part-time faculty are being silenced by a make-believe Orwellian Integrity Committee, we must listen to and protect dissenting CFac members. Let them speak!

The resolution was published here:

Jennie Fauls

Assistant Director, Program in Writing and Rhetoric

English and Creative Writing Department