Provost/Senior Vice President Steven Kapelke leaves Columbia

By Brianna Wellen

In a startling development, Provost/Senior Vice President Steven Kapelke parted ways with Columbia on May 31 after 10 years of service. An official statement from President Warrick Carter said Kapelke left to “pursue other opportunities,” though the conditions surrounding his departure are still unclear. Dr. Carter is on sabbatical until July 31 and unavailable for further comment until then, though in his official statement noted he had “mixed emotions” about the announcement.

The Chronicle tried to reach Kapelke’s office for comment the day the announcement was made, but he was unavailable. When asked when he was expected to return, the person present in the office responded, “He won’t be.”

Faculty and staff reached for comment had no information to add, though the general consensus was the departure was sudden and few details were available.

For the time being, those who usually reported to Kapelke will report to Dr. Carter and Chief Academic Officer Louise Love. More details are forthcoming as they become available.