Eliminate the clutter, simplify life

By BenitaZepeda

Material possessions can bring people a lot of happiness but they can also bring stress. The more we start to collect and own, the more we need to worry about all of the objects in our lives. What if living with less allowed us to be happier?

After a recent move to a new apartment, I noticed there was plenty of unnecessary stuff adding up throughout the past five years. Since moving out of my parent’s house, I have relocated each year, and every time I move, I collect more clothes and other frivolous knickknacks I don’t need. Some of the boxes I had stored under my bed or in my closet remained completely untouched from the previous move, which prompted me to wonder: What is the point of all

these things?

The fact that clothes remain untouched in a closet or old gadgets are left uncharged and dead in their box, proves everyone could use some spring cleaning. People tend to live in a “more is better” mentality. This excessive mindset can be quite suffocating, especially when one has little space or doesn’t like clutter.

Recently, a woman was featured in a Yahoo! video who lives in a 90-square-foot Manhattan apartment. Normally rent in that area costs roughly $3,600 a month, but she pays just $700. This woman fully utilizes her small space and is completely happy with it. By not holding on to extra, unnecessary objects, this is all she needs and avoids living in a cluttered mess.

It’s refreshing to see someone appreciate what he or she has. There are many people who complain about how they want more even if they already have a lot. Bigger may be better for some, but for those who crave simplicity, going the minimal route is the way to do it.

I’m not saying living in a tiny New York City apartment is the only way to eliminate having too many things. I am realizing, though, it’s possible for me to do so. But wanting to simplify isn’t the hard part, it’s finding the time to make it happen.

Perhaps it’s because I am starting the next chapter of my life after graduation, but I want to make a change. If there were an opportunity, where I could just pack up my belongings and travel on a whim, I would like to do that. Although I probably won’t up and leave any time soon, being able to if I wanted is key.

That is why making a promise to do a little bit of spring cleaning can help eliminate the clutter and stress associated with it. Organizing, sorting and cleaning might seem like a huge chore, but it’s worth it.