New dorm accommodates students

By Editorial Board

Come fall students will no longer complain about the snail-like elevators at the 2 E. 8th Street Building because Columbia didn’t renew its contract with the residential building. The school is instead offering a swanky, new housing option for the 2010-2011 academic year: The Dwight.

Located at 642 S. Clark Street, The Dwight will also replace another dormitory building Columbia leased—18 E. Congress Parkway—offering new amenities art students can appreciate.

Students often complained about living arrangements at the 2 E. 8th Street Building. Now, with their expired contracts, Columbia has the opportunity to seek out more appropriate and accommodating housing options for students.

The Dwight has three elevators, similar to the 2 E. 8th Street Building. However, it has 12 fewer floors.

While the college is replacing two residential facilities with The Dwight, school officials say there will be room to accommodate all students who would normally be split between the two locations. The Dwight can house up to 800 students and is currently offering walk-through tours.

The new loft option provides students with outstanding amenities, including a fully furnished apartment, a large flat screen TV and updated kitchen appliances. Besides offering a cleaner and more attractive space than other living quarters, it is also less expensive.

The Chronicle reported on April 19 that students will pay $9,446 each for a double-occupancy bedroom in a shared apartment. At the 2 E. 8th Street Building, students paid $9,946 for the 2009-2010 academic year.

Not only is The Dwight cheaper, but it was designed with Columbia’s art students in mind. The building is decked out with creative outlets including an innovative graffiti room where students can tag walls, floors and columns with spray paint and also helpful “whisper rooms” that provide a space for recording and rehearsing.

The one downside to The Dwight is that it doesn’t have dishwashers. This means students will have to work a little harder when it comes to cleaning up after themselves.

The Dwight is less expensive, offers more amenities and also provides students with several reasons why they choose to live on campus: it’s convenient and creates a community. Columbia’s choice to lease The Dwight is an all-around excellent decision.