Schneider wins over Dold in 10th District

By Alexandra Kukulka

In one of the closest races of the night, with both candidates taking the lead numerous times throughout the evening, Democrat Brad Schneider won the race for congressman in of Illinois 10th District, the first of his party to win the district in the last 33 years.

Republican incumbent Robert Dold, who held the position for two years, thanked the crowd that gathered at his event at Viper Alley in Lincolnshire, Ill., for their support throughout his campaign, stating it was a close race.

“I am proud to be standing right here, with each and everyone of you, knowing that we gave everything we had in this race,” Dold said. “We worked hard, made tremendous sacrifices and didn’t let the daunting odds of redistricting get in our way.”

According to Dold, he called Schneider a few minutes after the results were in and congratulated him.

“I wish [Schneider] well in his time in public office, and I hope he will bring pride to each and every one of us as the representative for the 10th Congressional District,” Dold said.

Dold supporter Laura Anderson was surprised by the evening’s results. Many people in the room cried as Dold walked off the stage.

“I think it is shocking,” Anderson said. “[Dold] ran a fantastic campaign, and we all expected him to prevail. But we will see him again.”

However, Anderson also has a message for Schneider.

“I hope he can rise to the occasion and do a great job for us here in the 10th Congressional District,” Anderson said. “We expect big things from him, and we hope he can deliver.”