Glossier pops up to highlight Chicago diversity


Mike Rundle

Desiree Jones of Woodlawn applies a product at the Glossier pop-up shop Aug. 28. Large mirrors and great lighting help customers when sampling the range of products offered by the New York City-based beauty brand.

By Olivia Deloian

A new pop-up shop in the West Loop by New York-based Glossier showcases diverse artwork to give Chicago customers an interactive experience of the company.

Glossier has become a notable name in the beauty industry, and Chicagoans on Instagram reacted with joy at the news of a local pop-up. Glossier’s Aug. 22  announcement of the shop, located at 114 N. Aberdeen St., received more than 74,000 likes and comments.

The shop opened Aug. 23 and will remain in the city until Oct. 28.

Deun Ivory, a photographer whose work is featured in the shop, said Glossier first asked for her art to be included along with other local artists before deciding only to feature her work.

“[Glossier] wanted to highlight their community members in Chicago,” Ivory said. “I’m happy that we were able to create magic together in this way, and that they trusted my vision and creative eye to do what I do best.”

In an Aug. 30 email interview with The Chronicle, Kim Johnson, Community Manager at Glossier, said the company’s admiration of Ivory’s work led to an incredible connection when curating the project.

“Working with [Ivory] helped bring Glossier to Chicago but also to bring us to the city through a new lens,” Johnson said. “We feel very lucky to have built such an incredible, collaborative relationship with her.”

Ivory said her photography consists of self-portraits and portraits of other women of color. Her vision of diverse work is consistent with Glossier’s, making collaboration inevitable, she added.

“This was a celebration of diversity and highlighting many different types of cultures, many different types of black women,” Ivory said. “[The photographs were] celebrating the nuance of women of color and showing how beautiful and brilliant we all are.”

Ashley Lake, a designer and long-time  Glossier customer, said she attended the pop-up, and it did not disappoint.

“It was well-executed, and [a very] well-designed space,” Lake said. “I was running out of some of their products so it was really cool to be able to go in the store and sample everything.”

Amy Mercado, a senior television major, said she discovered the Chicago pop-up through Instagram and is eager to attend and try out some of Glossier’s beauty and skincare products.

Mercado, who frequently produces makeup tutorials on her own YouTube channel called HelloStayChic, and after following the company on social media for years, said she is happy the shop has finally reached the city.

“Most of the famous stores or events [are] always known in LA or New York, and Chicago is slept on,” Mercado said. “This pop-up shop with Glossier is a step-forward in bringing other opportunities to Chicago.”

Ivory said she believes her work in the pop-up will give people an accurate representation of the Chicago community as she sees it.

“My portrait work, when I moved to Chicago, became more mindful about the messages I wanted to communicate, who I wanted to photograph, how I wanted to photograph, cultivating my own voice and my own signature aesthetic,” Ivory said. “I [definitely] feel like I have been able to do  that successfully.”