LuxeB Studio invites artists to create, curate and collaborate

Formerly the Luxury Boutique 47, LuxeB Studio has renamed and reopened its location in Bronzeville, 358 E. 47th St., offering an open-concept studio space for Chicago’s growing creative community. 

By Jermaine Nolen

Empty loft spaces and closed businesses have been repurposed into open concept galleries welcoming artists to curate and display their work. A new studio in Bronzeville is adding to the growing art scene on the South Side. 

LuxeB Studio, 358 E. 47th St., is an open-concept studio sporting the slogan “create curate collaborate,” according to LuxeB Studio Publicist Kendra Edmonds.

“Our target audience is the creative community, but it’s open to businesses, entrepreneurs or anybody that wants to come in and utilize the space,” Edmonds said. “It is an open-concept space. When people lease it they can come in and create whatever vision they have for their brand or business.”

LuxeB Studio offers in-house services to individuals in the creative community who need help with photography, marketing and branding, as well as makeup application services, Edmonds said.

“LuxeB Studio also offers [to] lease the window space and the location [on] 47th and King Drive,” Edmonds said. “[It’s] a bustling area with a lot of foot traffic.”

Curator and consultant Roe Melloe said he has a working relationship with many galleries throughout the city, but the ones he frequents the most are in the Bridgeport and Bronzeville neighborhoods. 

In June, Forbes ranked Pilsen in the top 12 coolest neighborhoods in the world because it is heavily populated with hip galleries and walls decorated with colorful murals. The Bridgeport and Hyde Park neighborhoods have multiple art centers, all adjacent to Bronzeville.

“The art scene in Chicago is definitely one that is growing, [especially] among the black and brown communities. [It is] because of social media and the way the culture is shifting because of [it],” he said. “Black art has become this new cultural norm of acceptance. [People] want things that look good in their homes; they want original work, things that have meaning and purpose and power behind it.” 

Jai Kalondra is a Chicago-based visual artist that collaborated with LuxeB Studio for an event Oct. 21.

“I was a featured artist at their art show [Big A–Sketchbook], and I have another event coming up,” she said. “I will be hosting a Paint and Sip there.  [The art show’s atmosphere] was great, there was a lot of good vibes and energy. One of the artists at the show said that there was a lot of love in the building, and I agreed.”

Kalondra said she had conversations with other artists about displaying their work. She said the lack of places young artists can afford to display their art is becoming an issue in Chicago’s art community.

“LuxeB is on the South Side of Chicago, which is great because there are not a lot of places where kids can go and have a creative outlet on the South Side,” she said.“That is great. We need more of that.”