UPDATED: Chicago elections so far, so good

By Brett Marlow

As of this, only one voter has reported not being able to vote due to a delay, according to the Chicago Board of Elections.

“We’re trying to track that voter down to make sure they’re able to vote,” said Jim Allen, spokesman for the Chicago Board of Elections.

Of the 2,575 precincts, only seven were reported to have opened late.

“Normally we have dozens of precincts that open late for a variety of reasons: judges not showing up or being late, or they can’t find the proprietor to open the doors, equipment start-up issue, or power outage—none of that has happened,” Allen said.

Allen said those that opened late may have had a mixture of issues before being able to open, whether it was following procedures or doing paperwork prior to being able to open the doors to the public to vote.

But, Chicago is seeing record voter turnout numbers, although no figures were currently available. Allen said the board is looking at the biggest turnout for a presidential election since 1972.

Trevor Layton, media coordinator for the Cook County Clerk’s Office said there were a few precincts that opened late, one in Orland, Ill., and another in Cicero, Ill. due to election judges being late. However, so far, things are going smoothly.

According to the Chicago Tribune, some precincts in Orland Park, Ill., Cicero, Ill., and Evanston, Ill. will stay open to 8 p.m. due to opening late earlier this morning. Cook County Clerk David Orr announced this earlier today after court approval.

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