Walsh defeated by Duckworth in 8th District

By Contributing Writer

by Angelica Sanchez

Contributing writer

Supporters of Joe Walsh were watching Tammy Duckworth’s victory speech on a projection when the sound suddenly went off and Joe Walsh took the stage to applause.

Walsh delivered his concession speech to his supporters at his campaign rally in Medinah Shrine Center in Addison, Ill., surrounded by family and supporters to deliver his concession speech after losing to Democratic challenger Tammy Duckworth.

Expressing how proud he was of this campaign often referencing its “Grassroots energy.” His wife and three of his five children joined Walsh on stage.

“I just got off the phone with Ms. Duckworth and I congratulated her on her victory in a very tough stage,” Walsh said. “I also told Ms. Duckworth that my congressional office will do whatever we can to help in her transition when she assumes responsibilities on Jan. 1 as the new congresswomen in the 8th district.”

He also expressed how proud he was of his son Joe Walsh Jr., who was featured in his fathers campaign ad against Tammy Duckworth’s “deadbeat dad” comment.

“This is a tough business,” Walsh said. “This is a nasty business. There was not a moment in this campaign that made me more proud as a dad and as a man than when my son in a news conference defended his father…When my son said, ‘Dad, I don’t like what they have said about you. I want to make a commercial.’”

Walsh addressed the theories and suspicions that Duckworth had the 8th District specifically drawn in her favor by higher powers in government.

“We were up against very powerful people running my opponent’s campaign, but the fact that we were able to contest it, the fact that we were able to make it a race, makes me so proud.”

He added that he fears for the state of Illinois, saying it has no concept of freedom, limited government and the private sector.

Walsh then closed his speech saying, he was honored to represent the district.

“I want you all to be sad tonight you better be sad tonight,” Walsh said. “Because we lost, but I want you to wake up and remember what we’re fighting for.”

The crowd clapped and chanted, “Not fair,” at the end of Walsh’s speech. Walsh later spoke to The Chronicle and said his fears are for the future of education.

“Until we empower parents in this country public schools will never truly improve,” he said. “We need school choice and let parents choose where their children go to school. The funding needs to follow that choice. We gotta get that.”