Summer Fun!

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The semester is almost over, and I am looking to see where my friends and I can go to celebrate the end of the semester and enjoy the summer. The idea is for a road trip. We have been considering the typical stuff, which includes historic sites, beaches, mountains, and biking, but are open to other suggestions. The idea is something that we can enjoy as a group and within drivable distance. We want to rent an RV for comfort, although we won’t necessarily be sleeping there. (I guess it depends on what we decide to do.) Any suggestions on where to go or what to do?


Ah, the ultimate college road trip. You are certainly not alone. According to aNew York Timesarticle published earlier this year, road trips account for 22 percent of vacations taken by Americans. Although road trips can increase or decrease depending on the state of the economy, fuel prices, and other factors, there is something about the freedom of driving that simply makes the concept so attractive that millions of people take to the roads each year. With the liberty granted by the ability to drive anywhere, many destinations are deemed attractive.


Florida, but not just the Beach


Millions of people visit Florida each year. Many visit the peninsula to enjoy the warm and cozy beaches or to experience the exciting theme parts of Orlando. Miami Beach, for example, is among the top-rated destinations to visit while in Florida. The location includes amazing beaches, excellent hotels, and fine dining. Many visitors enjoy the beach and then take the four-hour drive to Orlando. There they find attractions such as Disney World, Universal Orlando, Wet N’ Wild, and other theme parks.


However, there is a lot more to the Sunshine State than just beaches and theme parks. Florida has some unique destinations such as St. George Island, located on the Panhandle. The location should definitely be on the list ofplaces to see on Florida’s Gulf Coast. There, you will find top-rated beaches, boating activities, fishing, historical attractions, water activities, biking, ghost crab hunting, and much more. Visitors can enjoy the history of the St. George Island lighthouse or the Keeper’s House Museum while also experiencing the countless miles of scenic bike trails.


The Magnolia State


Already on Florida’s I-10? How about driving a bit west toward the state of Mississippi? The state is full of history and provides quite a learning experience for those wanting to experience the state’s rich sites. The historicexperiences in Vicksburg, Mississippi are difficult to match. Plan a tour and start by visiting Vicksburg National Military Park. This site honors the events of the Civil War, including General Grant’s 47-day siege, later recognized as one of the most important battles of the war.


Also, be sure to visit the old state capitol building in Jackson. The building is now a museum focusing on the topic of government. However, since the idea is a road trip, you and your friends may want to ride through theNatchez Trace Parkway, which was a route used during the 1800s and includes many historical sites. This scenic travel corridor was used by American Indians and encompasses more than 10,000 years of history.


The Road Less Traveled


Often, the road less traveled is a much deeper and richer experience. If this sounds appealing, then make sure toexplore Henry County, Georgia. This Georgian county features everything from picking your own fruit to experiencing the Atlanta Motor Speedway. If you are into beer and are of legal age to enjoy it, visit the Jailhouse Brewing Company in Hampton. This former jail was converted into a microbrewery that serves refreshing handcrafted beer.

It may be quite possible to lose track of time, as there is so much to do, so many places to visit, and so little time. Henry County is home to countless parks, thousands of miles of hiking and biking trails, phenomenal museums and historic sites, beautiful golf courses, and spectacular wildlife habitats. Make sure to plan!


Pure Michigan


While in Georgia, hop on to I-75 and see where it ends. This venture north will take you to Michigan and the Great Lakes. If you guys are in the mood for quick international travel, you could always cross the border and visit Canada. But before experiencing the unyielding politeness of the great people of Canada and tasting that delicious maple syrup, be sure to visit Lansing, MI.


Michigan is a great place to visit. For history buffs, the Greater Lansing area is home to many museums, including the Michigan Historical Museum. For those that love the outdoors, the Lansing River Trail is a must-see. The trail is made up of a 13-mile route through Lansing and East Lansing, offering access to historic sites. During the summer, you can also hike and camp inSleepy Hollow State Park. Other attractions include horse trails, kayaking, and swimming. Want to enjoy the area a bit more? Stay in one of the many rustic cabins.


Final Thoughts


These experiences are what you will be talking about for years to come. Road trips are not only opportunities to bond with friends and family; they are also ways to explore the United States in a manner that is more personal and up-close. Additionally, such trips provide the freedom to roam around and focus on areas of interest. The sites that you will come across while crossing the Appalachian Mountains or while hugging the Florida coast are simply too breathtaking to describe with words. Such places are experiences that you and your friends will need to enjoy, live, and feel on your own.


“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” -Gustav Flaubert