Tomi Lahren’s lawsuit proves her hypocrisy


Family ideals not only factor when deciding film ratings

By Brooke Pawling Stennett

Loud conservative talk show host Tomi Lahren’s recent left-leaning comments have supposedly left her jobless. 

Lahren, who hosted “Tomi” on former Fox News host Glenn Beck’s The Blaze network, appeared on ABC’s talk show “The View” March 17, where the co-hosts debated abortion rights.

“I’m for limited government,” Lahren said on “The View.” “So stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well.”

After the comment went viral, Lahren and Beck squared off on Twitter over her new, pro-choice stance. Beck mocked Lahen for calling herself a conservative and then shared a video of Lahren calling abortion “not a positive thing,” during a December 2016 episode of her show. In the same episode she said pro-choicers call abortions rare and safe so they won’t sound like “baby killers.” 

The Blaze suspended Lahren two days later on March 19.

Lahren filed a lawsuit on April 7 that alleges she was fired—not just suspended—for her comments on “The View,” according to a New York Times article of the same date. Lahren alleges shortly after the suspension, the company’s human resources director told her she was fired. Lahren was urged to “go dark” on social media, yellow caution tape was stretched over her office like in an episode of “CSI,” and her corporate email was turned off.

It’s hard to imagine why Lahren expected anything less. Even Beck seemed to realize he hired a dishonest person, based upon his tweets. 

It is obvious now that during her shows, Lahren said what the audience wanted to hear and got paid for it. She has consistently enabled extreme conservatives with her hateful rhetoric simply for audience ratings. She took an anti-abortion stance for her conservative fans, and when faced with predominantly liberal hosts, she switched to a pro-choice one.

Lahren is undoubtedly not the victim in this situation. Beck is a rich, white conservative man who has fired a decently paid, white, supposedly conservative woman who has figuratively spit on everyone who is not in her tax bracket. She advised former President Barack Obama to bomb the Middle East and “put the fear of God in their deserts,” called the Black Lives Matter Movement the new Ku Klux Klan and accused Obama of caring more about “Muslim sensitivity” than about fallen Marines.

Lahren thrives on the accusations and insults that are most often aimed at vulnerable people, all while collecting a hefty paycheck. The only people who deserve recompense in this are the people she battered throughout her show’s run.

Despite supposedly being fired, Lahren is still getting paid. The Blaze released a statement saying Lahren was still technically employed and the company was left dumbfounded that she was trying to sue, according to the New York Times article. Lahren is now trying to get out of her contract so she can pursue other jobs, but it’s hard to fathom even her most conservative followers sticking by her after Beck—an arguably bigger name in conservative media—called out her hypocrisy and blatant falsehoods. 

Before any attempt to salvage her career, Lahren needs to apologize for spreading radical statements throughout her entire show’s run and lying about her views. There is no room for “Tomi” in the world anymore, and frankly there never should have been.