Powder Puff Reschedules Tournament

By Nader Ihmoud

Challenges continue to follow Renegades’ sports at Columbia, but this time, participation is not the issue.

Powder Puff, the all-girls football program, is in the process of rescheduling its tournament, originally supposed to take place on Oct. 14 at Grant Park. The event was canceled because the field is being resodded, and a permit was not given to the program. Grant Park’s restoration is the result of Lollapalooza’s damage.

Powder Puff has yet to figure out a replacement field, but Roosevelt and Lincoln Parks are potential candidates. The new date for the tournament will be Oct. 28 from 3 – 6 p.m.   Sean Donoghue,  sophomore radio major and fitness recreation leader, said the tournament will pit at least four teams against each other, and each team should have at least 11 players.

“We want to get participants from every dorm [and] split them into teams depending on their dorm,” said Megan Smith, captain of Powder Puff.

Students living off-campus are welcome to sign up, as are Roosevelt University students. Those interested can sign up at the Fitness Center in the Residence Center, 731 S. Plymouth Court. The deadline is Oct. 21.

A big issue in the Renegades’ athletic program has always been participation, but that shouldn’t be the problem this time around, according to Donoghue. When asked what would happen if only enough girls for one team signed up, Donoghue said, “I guess the girls [who] work at the gym are going to have to play football.”

Elize Ramos, senior arts and entertainment media management major, believes this is a great idea that would help the girls from the fitness center relieve stress caused by school and is confident she and her teammates will dominate any opponent.

“I encourage all challengers,” Ramos said.

In retrospect, the Powder Puff program would like to hold more than one tournament if it gets enough girls to sign up.

Prizes from first to third place will be given to teams depending on the end result in the tournament.

“If there was enough interest, we would have a tournament every week,” Donoghue said.

Smith, junior journalism major, believes that after finding the right field, it will be a fun experience for girls who “like football and [would] like to get out there and get dirty.”

Powder Puff and the Renegades are trying to raise awareness about the tournament and other events happening in Columbia’s Athletics Department. They have contacted student organizations such as New Student Organization and Residence Life to see if the organizations can send help or co–sponsor events happening in the athletic community.

“We want to build relationships with other groups because [Renegades] is currently Columbia’s best kept secret,” Donoghue said.

This is the first year Powder Puff is available at Columbia.