Miley Cyrus’ actions, body both shamed

By Managing Editor

Miley Cyrus took to Instagram Aug. 28 to tease a series of provocative photos of herself posing for V magazine’s annual fall “Rebel” issue, which is set to hit the stands Sept. 10. The photos included several mildly censored nude shots.

Cyrus’ latest antic came just four days after she brought an allegedly homeless man named Jesse as her date to the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards and let him accept her award  in an effort to increase awareness of youth homelessness for the Hollywood homeless center “My Friend’s Place.” 

The pop star’s decision to allow her friend Jesse to deliver a message to VMA viewers about youth homelessness made a strong impression, sparking controversy both within her fandom of Smilers and among the haters.

The risqué photos, shot by Karl Lagerfeld, designer and creative director for Chanel, Fendi and previously his own label, include a color cover shot of Cyrus clothed in what appears to be a plush leotard, matching the stuffed animals she is lying on top of.   

Two black-and white shots show a nude Cyrus, still atop a bed of plush stuffed animals,  with the word “subscribe” blocking her breasts in one photo and smiley faces obscuring them in another.

The photos were something of a striptease as they were posted one by one, with each shot more revealing than the last.

After Cyrus’ shocking 2013 VMA performance-turned-twerk-sesh involving Robin Thicke, followed by a year of continuous attempts to further shake up the public’s attempts at labeling her, critics have been quick to consider her modest moment at this year’s VMAs as a sign of maturity. 

Now, with her upcoming  nude photos for V, some are retracting their praise. Countless comments on her Instagram photos condemn her actions and beg for the days when she was a “good girl.”

However, Cyrus isn’t doing anything that hasn’t been done before, and the shock her actions elicit is only due to her pre-teen success at Disney. Her nude photos for V magazine should not cancel out her courageous gesture at the 2014 VMAs. Rather, they represent her ability to celebrate both her adult personality and her body.

While many have lashed out against her for revealing it all—as if she hasn’t flaunted it before—the photos logically reflect her maturity, just not in the way that some critics would prefer.