The First of its Kind, Digital Art Installation on theMart

Art on the Mart is a project rooted in collaboration. The installation is privately funded through Vornado Realty trust, owner of theMart building, and is estimated at about $8 million.

By working with the City of Chicago, Vornado has created this project to be an on-going series of work with rotating installations and artists. The projections will be visible Wednesday’s through Sunday’s for two hours each evening after dusk.

The projections will close January and February for a new set of works to launch in March of 2019.

Four artists are featured in the works, two Chicago based artists are Jason Salavon and Jan Tichy. In order to add to Chicago’s global and national footprint, the curatorial staff of Art on the Mart chose Diana Thater and Zheng Chongbin.

Salavon and Tichy are commissioned by the Terra Foundation for American Art, as a branch of Art Design Chicago, a yearlong celebration of Chicago’s art and design legacy.

This is currently the largest permanent projection system in the world for public art. Projections on the building span accross 2.5 acres and require 34 projectors to create a full picture across theMart.

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