Gaga sings her way into next season of her career

By Managing Editor

Every so often, Lady Gaga breaks the mold she previously set for herself and surprises the masses—at least those viewers who don’t know her too well.

Gaga graced the Oscars stage for the first time on Feb. 22, performing a medley tribute to “The Sound of Music,” after which the 1965 film’s star Julie Andrews appeared on stage with tears in her eyes—she even gave Gaga what appeared to be a very genuine hug.

Gaga’s performance maintained the perfect balance of showcasing her quirky personality while paying homage to one of the most beloved and iconic musicals of all time.

Her rendition of the vocals once sung by Andrews drew overwhelmingly positive responses from fans and critics—the sort of “Who knew Gaga could hit that note?” reaction that offends long-time fans—aka Little Monsters.

However annoying the surprise at Gaga’s true talent can be, she is definitely on a roll.

The pop singer took to Twitter Feb. 25 to announce her upcoming role on the next season of the FX horror anthology “American Horror Story,” which is set to run in October.

Gaga’s surprise tweet read, “Make your reservation now. #GagaAHSHotel,” and included a short video clip of her teasing the fifth season’s theme, “Hotel,” over the show’s creepy and iconic backing sound.

While some might find the announcement of Gaga’s upcoming FX role surprising, the singer has dabbled in acting in the recent past with the 2013 thriller “Machete Kills” and the 2014 drama “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.”

And if those films weren’t strong enough examples of her acting potential, Gaga’s daily lifestyle should qualify her as a respectable actress—her persona itself is an act she has managed to keep up since she rose to fame in 2008, manipulating the public’s perception of her as she pleases.

Those manipulations are not always 100 percent effective, though.

Despite the fact that Gaga’s diehard fans usually understand her motives, the general public can take a lot longer to catch on, at no fault of their own.

Gaga’s 2013 album, ARTPOP, is a prime example of when her creativity can be misinterpreted and, in turn, go completely unappreciated.

The album was meant to be Gaga’s most personal release to date, emblematic of all that was important to her at the time and an album that was supposed to be all her and none of her label.

But ARTPOP received mixed reviews, most of which leaned toward the negative, and an album the singer clearly expected to receive praise drew a significant amount of criticism and could have cost the singer her career if she didn’t make her next few moves carefully.

Gaga’s Oscars performance coupled with her upcoming role on “American Horror Story” should be more than enough to remind viewers exactly why Gaga is considered a woman of many talents.

Her work throughout this next year should give her the opportunity she has recently been seeking to prove her artistic vision, talent and merit.