Record dreams fulfilled

By KatherineGamby

A new pop sensation by the name of J. Rose could be in the making, following a record deal with a company that has quite a prestigious resume.

Chicago native Jaclyn Holtzman, also known as J. Rose, recently signed a recording deal with L.A.-based William Middlebrooks Company, which has handled esteemed clients like Chaka Khan and grossed over $40 million in sales.

“I went to Los Angeles to visit my brother; I was never expecting to sign a record deal,” Rose said. “I thought it was almost like a dream.”

Rose, who is considered a quadruple threat (actress, singer, dancer and model), went to Los Angeles to visit her brother and his roommate Bradley Spalter, a cousin whom she had never met. Spalter, a Grammy award-winning producer and CEO of Bradley Spalter Music Group, heard Rose sing and signed her to his record label. Rose is also attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as a junior theater major and honor student. School is a top priority of hers.

“I completely agree with getting a degree and staying in school,” Rose said. “I think it’s important to be a well-rounded individual.”

Rose’s name comes from a misunderstanding between Spalter and her father. Spalter thought Rose’s father said “Rose” when he really said “Roads”, while they were brainstorming for name suggestions. Rose has a name to back up her talent, which includes singing and acting since the age of 3, when she debuted in the play “Annie.” She also has a strong background in ballet, jazz and hip-hop dance, as well as musical theater and modeling, which she started in fifth grade and continued sporadically throughout high school. She’s used to a busy schedule, which she said is the only aspect of her life in which things have changed,

with all of the interviews and photo shoots in her life now.

“More things have been changing in my schedule … [other than that] things haven’t really changed yet,” Rose said.

In the future, as her career starts to pick up, Rose said she wants to build appreciation for her music, not so much for fame.

“I’m looking forward to creating a large fan base, people who really appreciate my music,” Rose said. “[And] just knowing that people are connecting with the music that I have to give.”

The William Middlebrooks Company signed Rose via Spalter after he signed as a producer with the company and played her music for the CEO. Middlebrooks said

he was enamored by the potential he saw in her, especially her star-power quality.

“She has a unique magnetism to her; I always call it the ‘It Factor.’ You can’t teach that,” Middlebrooks said. “People just gravitate to her; she just has the right energy.”

Spalter, who has worked with Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, Gladys Knight and K-Ci and JoJo, said her persona reminds him of an ’80s star.

“She’s kind of like a modern-day Joan Jet,” Spalter said. “She’s a little rock ‘n’roll, punky pop-star.”

He said that the sound of her upcoming album will have a realistic theme to it.

“You’re going to hear songs about everyday life, love … you’re going to hear real stuff from a real artist,” Spalter said.

He said that her biggest attribute is that she can relate to everyone because she is still living an average college lifestyle.

“A really big thing about J. Rose is that she’s still in school, she’s got a 4.5 grade point average; we don’t want her to stop doing her school work,” Spalter said. “She’s an example to other artists that you don’t have to quit your education to do music, you can do both.”

One thing is certain about J. Rose: the people around her are confident in her success and see big things coming from her in the future.

“The sky is the limit for her … she can be the next really big pop sensation without question,” Middlebrooks said. “There are a lot of pop artists out there, but she’s a pop commodity.”

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