YouTube star creates brand of positivity, health and wellness


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Miranda Gardley, a senior fashion studies and business & entrepreneurship double major, wants to create her own firm to help companies market on social media. 

By Campus Reporter

Miranda Gardley, a senior fashion studies and business & entrepreneurship double major, is a busy vlogger. 

Jumping from her studies to her own YouTube channel about fitness, fashion and nutrition to starting a social media–consulting firm, she is discovering her true passions and interests with input and support from her audience.

Gardley said she thinks social media is changing the way many industries promote themselves, and her skills with social media such as YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram are talents she wants to incorporate into her post-graduation career by launching her own social media consulting firm. Her YouTube channel “Miranda Marie” includes “How To Style” guides, “My Healthy Snacks and Eating Tips” and the “Happy Healthy Lifestyle” video series.

The Chronicle spoke with Gardley about her YouTube experiences and her relationship with her audience. 

THE CHRONICLE: What inspired you to launch your YouTube channel?

Miranda Gardley: I first started in high school. I found a video of a girl who was talking about fashion and her favorite clothes. As someone who loves fashion, I knew I wanted to do that. That was when YouTube first started. I had a flip camera and started filming in my bedroom and uploading [videos]. It was my creative outlet. I could talk about fashion for hours. On YouTube, there was a community of people who cared [about] what I had to say and enjoyed watching my videos.

Are you contributing to the movement of self-love with YouTube? 

Definitely. I used to struggle [with body image] too. I felt like I had no one to go to. Through YouTube, I am able to make that change and be that person I wish I had in my life as an influence. I think that movement is important because there is a good side and a bad side to social media. The bad side is what society thinks a perfect body should be. Educating girls on the truth and a healthy way of living is very important to me. 

Which of your YouTube videos was the most challenging to publish? 

 It was my first fitness video. I decided to talk about this fitness guide I bought, “The Bikini Body Guide” [by Kayla Itsines] because I wanted to share my progress. It became a “Happy Healthy Lifestyle” video series of me sharing through those 12 weeks. I was very vulnerable and transparent in the first video because I struggled with body image. Looking back, even though it was difficult to share and upload, it changed my channel. If I had not done that, I would not be doing what I am doing today. It made a huge impact on my life, but it is also making an impact on others. 

How do you create your own brand through social media? 

I never knew social media was going to be what it is today; you can create your own brand.  On social media, I have been able to create my brand of positivity. I am selling a service of motivational videos. Even on Instagram or Snapchat, I try to stay positive.