Tim Gorski

By Brandon Smith

After this fall season, Tim Gorski, a junior marketing communications major, will step down as co-captain of the baseball team to become secretary of the Renegades.

A native of La Grange, Ill., Gorski came to Columbia three years ago to study public relations.

Gorski said one of his favorite hobbies is working out and staying fit, and writing is his creative release. Though he is relinquishing his co-captain title on the baseball team, he said he is still planning to play.

The Chronicle pulled Gorski out of the gym and pitched him some questions about the team’s fall season and what he expects for next year.

The Chronicle: How does it feel to be the new secretary of the Renegades?

Tim Gorski: I’m still learning a lot about the position because I was just voted in on Dec. 3. I’m really looking forward to the position, though. This way I’m not just involved with one sport but all of them, and I like that responsibility. And being in public relations will look good on my resume. I’m going to get to learn things through the position that I haven’t learned in previous years at the college.

Are you looking forward to next season?

It starts up the week just after Spring Break, so I’m pretty excited about it. We have all of the same guys from the fall team, and all 16 guys always show up, so it makes for a really nice team.

How will you prepare for the spring season?

We practice a lot. We have team workouts five times a week, and we have a sign-in sheet so we really make sure everyone is there. I like to just make sure we are working to keep everyone fit and in shape so that we have a good season when it rolls around.

How do you feel about leaving the co-captain position?

Well, I have only been co-captain for one season. Last spring, I just played, and then I became co-captain for this semester. The reason I can’t do it anymore is because it’s technically a conflict of interest, since I’ll be secretary of the board. I am still going to get to play on the team though, so it was short lived. But I loved it.

How was the fall season?

It was a lot of fun. We got to travel up to Wisconsin for a tournament, which was really cool, but we didn’t do so well. The team we had this fall was pretty fresh, and sometimes we play schools that have really strong club teams, like the University of Wisconsin, for example. We had a lot of talent on the team, but the teams we played were just out of our boundary

of skill.