Columbia’s after-school activity center: The South Loop Club

By Web Master

The South Loop Club may be the place to go for the hungry student or, a place to hang out and have a drink. Located at 701 S. State St. for the past ten years, the South Loop Club is two blocks from Columbia, offering a warm hiding place from that cold winter air.

Their 70″ inch cable TV makes it a great place to watch any sports event . Even if you’re not a sports fanatic, it’s a good place to sit with friends and listen to their Juke Box which carries over 600 selections. Its a friendly place to hang out even if you just come in for a drink. ” It’s a neighborhood pub with a downtown location,” says Nick from the South Loop Club. The darkly- lit restaurant has the feel of a dark lodge. The bar is decorated with a variety of baseball caps, construction hats and a policeman’s cap. There are also collection of trophies on top of the bar. The sides of the surrounding windows are covered with plants giving off a feeling of security while looking outside. There are hushed conversations going on and people sitting by themselves smoking and having a drink while others are enjoying their food- filled platters. The bar comes alive with any sports event or with a large group of people shuffling in and out during their busy hours.

Open from 11 a.m. through 4 a.m. from Sunday through Friday and 11 a.m. through 5 a.m on Saturday, the South Loop Club offers a choice of 60 brands of imported beer and 12 draft beers as well as cigars.

Besides specialty drinks, the club has a wide selection of delicious food to choose. Their specials include chicken burgers, chicken wings or nuggets all at $5. They also offer Chick-Ke-Bob, which is tender chunks of chicken breast marinated and served in a pita bread with raw onions and tomato. The most expensive Club Special is the Choice Rib-Eye Steak which runs at $8.50. It is a char- broiled steak served on a fresh- baked sesame roll. All of the South Loop Club specials are served with curly fries and a pickle.

The South Loop Club is also known for their ‘World Famous’ hot buffalo wings: an order of 10 wings cost $5.50. They also offer the usual fast food, burgers, all of which are served with curly fries and a pickle. Their burger special is served with sautéed mushrooms, crazy onions and Cheddar cheese. They offer veggie burgers with cheese or served like the special. Also on their menu are sandwiches varying from the oriental chicken sandwich to the char-broiled swordfish or the grilled veggie sandwich all under seven dollars. For those with a lighter appetite, the club also offers the Grilled Chicken Salad, the Julienne Salad, the Greek Salad and a house salad all served with your choice of dressings.

They offer 6 and 12- inch pizzas with you choice of toppings, as well as a Greek pizza which includes gyros, onions and feta cheese. Rotisserie Chicken, BBQ Ribs and Tacos are also on the menu. A meal usually runs between $9 and $16 with drink. The South Loop Club also offers carry-out and party platters.