Technology shouldn’t disrupt classroom

By Editorial Board

Modern technology has become pervasive in our society and many college students struggle to disconnect from their electronic gadgets. Some students use their devices during class time, whether it be for note-taking, research or a distraction from classwork. Students who use their cell phones and computers in the classroom should be aware of how it affects others.

Although the use of technology can add to the depth of a class if used responsibly, incessant texting or Internet-surfing disrupts the learning environment and is disrespectful to professors and other students. If a person is absorbed in using technology for non-learning purposes and it distracts others in the class, the issue should be addressed.

However, some professors are guilty of this as well. Some take phone calls during class or stop a lecture to send a text. This should never be routine behavior for a professor and should only occur in serious situations.

The college does not have a school-wide policy regarding cell phone and computer use, but some professors have implemented class-wide bans. If the professor is clear and upfront about their policy regarding the use of electronics in the classroom, students should comply. Phones and computers can be used for scholarly reasons, but it’s up to the professor to decide the rules in their classroom.

Also, many classes at Columbia rely heavily on technology and incorporate computers as learning tools for each student in the classroom. Implementing an official policy could prevent students from using any sort of technology for learning purposes. Graphic Design, Digital Photography, Interactive Arts & Media and Audio Arts & Acoustics are just a few of the majors that rely on computers to produce work in the classroom.

Besides computers, students can also use phones for educational purposes. Students shouldn’t be required to turn their phones off at any point, but should be sure to put their phones on silent so the ringing does not distract the class. It is the responsibility of the student to use electronic devices in a way that doesn’t disrupt the class curriculum.

Students pay tuition to take classes and wasting time in class is just like wasting money. To get the most out of their education, students should use gadgets to further their learning and should have basic consideration of their impact on the classroom.