You Want to put that WHERE?

You Want to put that WHERE?

By Kendrah Villiesse

With only an orange, a grapefruit and a lemon in her kitchen, intimacy expert Denise Walker, known by fans as Auntie Angel, wanted a novel way to pleasure her boyfriend in the bedroom. With trial and error, the grapefruit technique was created. 

Cut the ends off the grapefruit and leave a hole in the center through which the penis is inserted. The person on the other end then performs oral sex. 

Using food during sex not only spices things up, but it allows your partner to have a snack while giving you pleasure, Walker said. With the popularity of the grapefruit technique, Walker started Angel’s Erotic Solutions, which features her seminars for learning oral techniques. 

“Sex is meant to be fun, and sometimes we take the fun out of it because it becomes so routine,” Walker said. “The chase of being with someone is thrilling, so the sex is thrilling. Once you get into a long-term relationship, the sex becomes predictable.” 

There are various kinds of foods that can be used during sex, but it is important to use foods you or your partner are not allergic to. Dessert foods are the most common because most people enjoy sweet tasting foods, according to Reverend DiAnna Ritola, an interfaith minister and spiritual sex and intimacy coach in New York.

Berries, Jell-O, cucumbers and pudding are great contributors to bedroom play, Ritola said. 

“It gives you a chance to be silly. A lot of times we don’t give ourselves the chance to be silly during sex, yet the thing that consistently brings people closer together is laughter,” Ritola said. “When we get silly during sex, food play can be a part of that; it is a way to connect at a level that becomes more intimate the more you do it.” 

Korey McWilliams, a sex therapist in Chicago, said although using food during sex broadens your sexual repertoire, it is important to be cautious when using food around the genital areas. 

“Be careful of what you put in your urethra, vagina, or anus,” McWilliams said. “Putting things into your vagina can throw off your pH balance. A vagina has its own cleaning mechanism and is not really happy about foreign [objects] being put in there.” 

Food sex can also build confidence, Walker said. Her seminars are used to understand sexuality and it has made her audience more comfortable with performing in bed.

“There is nothing wrong with being sexual,” Walker said. I teach [people] how being in control of your sexuality helps build your confidence.” 


Dos and don’ts concerning food play: 

 Do This:

* Also an aphrodisiac

*Chocolate: A classic food everyone enjoys. Whether it is melted, bar or another form of candy, it is the perfect dessert. 

*Avocado: Because who said avocados were only good on toast and for guacamole?

Whipped Cream/Pudding: Draw pictures on your body, make a bikini. The design options are endless.

Sushi: Live out your “Sex and the City” goals and place sushi rolls on your body and surprise your lover when they get home.

Strawberries: Using strawberries or other fruit will not only be pleasurable to eat off of your partner, but you will feel healthy doing it.

Cheese: You can never go wrong with a nice cheese. If you are a cheese lover like I am, this is the perfect food to try.


Don’t do these: 

Spaghetti: Not only will it take forever to eat off of your lover’s body, but it will also be a marinara and noodle nightmare.

Oatmeal: Lumpy, messy, bland. No good.

Pretzels: With crumbs everywhere and a dry mouth, using pretzels during sex is not ideal.

Hot sauce: It may be great on certain foods, but it is not ideal to lick off a body. Plus, it can drip into unwanted territory.

Beans: Unless you want to burn your partner’s body, a steaming pile of baked beans may not be the best option.

Sandwiches: Please save this for after sex and not during. Eating deli meats and condiments off your partner is not sexy.