Candlelight vigil held for recent teen suicides

By Meghan Keyes

Members and allies of the LGBTQ community gathered in DePaul’s Lincoln Park quad on Oct. 8 to honor teens who recently committed suicide because of harassment. Attendees held candles and listened quietly to speakers tell their stories and encourage people to action, even when the sound system failed and a megaphone was used instead.

Nine people were honored during the vigil: Raymond Chase, 19; Tyler Clementi, 18; Cody Barker, 17; Harrison Chase Brown, 15; Justin Aaberg, 15; Billy Lucas, 15; Caleb Nolt, 14; Asher Brown, 13; and Seth Walsh, 13.

“I’m here to show support and mourn our loss,” said Richard Bidmead, 23. “This is the funeral we go to. It makes it real.”

The event was endorsed by Adler Pride, Affinity Community Services, All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Broadway Youth Center, Chicago Bi, The Civil Rights Agenda, DePaul University, 50 Faggots, Genderqueer Chicago, Gay Liberation Network, Illinois Safe Schools Alliance, Join The Impact Chicago, LGBT Change, The Make It Better Project, PFLAG and The Trevor Project.