Media hypocrites tweet for ratings

By BenitaZepeda

Television studios are beginning to notice that as the use of social networking increases, marketing becomes more important. This comes as no surprise. The Internet has created an entirely different form of communication. Now, members of the media scramble to attract an audience while adopting social networking into everyday operations. Awards season is almost over, and the one thing each awards show has in common is they’re live and have everyone’s favorite celebrities. And what do a lot of these celebrities have in common? Twitter accounts.

A recent article published by The New York Times showcases how the Grammys used Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to attract young people and keep ratings alive. Because of this connectedness, people want to share their thoughts instantaneously. This is especially important during a live show.

During the Superbowl, the amount of Tweets, comments and searches for the Black Eyed Peas were record-breaking during the halftime show. Also, after Christina Aguilera botched the national anthem, Dion Sanders had a comical Tweet about it.

However, the fact that the Grammys picked up social networking and started to embrace all of its opportunities goes against what people in the music industry once despised. When social networking took off, the music business took the hardest hit. After that, television networks started to panic. Illegal downloads and peer-to-peer sharing caused the old-school television moguls to change how they have always done business. Top executives realize it’s not something they can fight anymore. If they want to stay in business, adopting these new forms of communication is the way to do it.

It’s interesting to consider when society will be at a point where traditional television ceases to exist. Everything will become a tweet with a short video or photo slideshow. If it’s more than 140 characters or seconds, perhaps it won’t be worth anyone’s time. At least in the realm of watching television it won’t.

But there is something attractive about seeing what celebrities think. They can Tweet during a show like the Grammys—although it might be in poor taste—and viewers can get a sense of what is happening on the inside.

In fact, Twitter is a great idea to score some points with a fan base. Leave it to Kanye West or Aziz Ansari, who occasionally re-tweet several of their fans’ tweets. It’s the ultimate way to stay connected from a distance. People should commend high-profile stars for staying connected without letting social networking

take over completely.