Reality television dumbs down teenagers, whole nation

By mlekovic

I spend a lot of time watching what most people would consider pointless television. ESPN and “Family Guy” on TBS are probably the only things you will see on my TV screen. Recently, my friends tried to get me to watch reality TV and I must say, I was completely shocked by the trash that’s on those shows. This caused me to investigate other shows which I found to be educational and enlightening.

I realize that not everyone is interested in sports or “Family Guy,” but shows such as “I Love New York,” “I Love Money,” “Flavor of Love” and “Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami” should be banned. When children watch these shows and idolize the cast, they may get the wrong impression and pick up bad characteristics.

Reality TV allows people to escape their own lives and get submerged into other people’s drama. While this may relax people, it doesn’t solve their problems.

I’m not one to call the Federal Communications Commission and complain, but this garbage doesn’t deserve airtime. There are several other shows that are better for people to watch that won’t glorify binge-drinking, stupidity and promiscuity.

How people can watch other “celebrities”—and I use that term extremely loosely—make complete idiots of themselves, as if they didn’t know the camera was focused on them, completely boggles my mind.

It’s a sad attempt by washed-up actors and people with no dignity to make money. To make matters worse, E! hosts a show called “The Soup” that makes fun of these reality shows, giving them more power.

Recently, as I was flipping through channels to see if my beloved “Family Guy” was on, I stumbled across an episode of “Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami” and heard the most disrespectful and vile piece of language I’ve ever heard on television. Talk like that should only be kept for cheap pornography dialogue.

Clearly I don’t watch the show, nor do I care what happened between Khloé Kardashian and her boyfriend, but whatever it was, it prompted her sister Kim to give some tender advice to Khloé, telling her that she needs to make it up to her boyfriend with a bucket of chicken and a G-string.

Filth like this is likely to prompt kids, and even adults, to think it is all right to use sex acts to apologize for poor behavior.

To replace these shows, people should watch the Discovery Channel or TLC, or other channels that have actual meaning.

Children who watch reality shows may think it’s all right to drink heavily, fight over nonsense and have sex with complete strangers. The more channels like VH1 and E! glorify these shows, the more children will be hooked.

You would be surprised at how many shows can be interesting and educational at the same time. These shows are found on channels not usually watched by the younger generation. Last week, I sat with my parents as they watched “Iron Chef” on the Food Network and I ended up watching four episodes in a row. The following are shows that I found interesting and educational that people should watch instead of trashy reality TV.

Man vs. Wild: The show focuses on a man trapped in life-endangering situations. Throughout the show, he demonstrates to viewers what they can do to survive in similar situations.

Anderson Cooper 360: The journalist talks about all sorts of current events and pressing issues happening around the world. People can never get enough news.

Iron Chef: The show focuses on the creation of food. It shows viewers many different ways to make dishes with numerous household ingredients.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: This show is awesome. It takes a deserving individual or family that is recognized for a certain aspect or multiple aspects and renovates their house in order to get their lives back on track. It teaches people how to do work around the house, both inside and out to make it better. Along with this, it teaches people that helping others is fulfilling.

How the Earth Was Made: You don’t have to be a science nerd to like this show. It teaches viewers about the Earth’s history and explains how many things were made.

The only way I see myself watching reality TV is if my life becomes perfect. Once I don’t have anything to worry about, I will gladly watch others make idiots of themselves. Until then, I have my own problems to worry about.