Music producer, alumnus gives back to students


Marcos Palacios

Music producer and 2006 business & entrepreneurship alumnus Marcos Palacios will be discussing his success during his Columbia residency.

By Campus Reporter

Marcos Palacios, a Grammy-nominated music producer and 2006 business & entrepreneurship alumnus, will appear at a series of events to discuss his success and give advice to students on their career paths.

Palacios, who will be on campus Oct. 21–28, is the co-founder of “Da Internz,” a music production company he started while attending Columbia. He has worked with notable artists such as Rihanna, Nas and Justin Bieber. His residency includes lecturing in Business & Entrepreneurship Department classes, as well as guest speaking at two events. 

The events include the Oct. 24 “ReWrite Ya Life” at the Conaway Center, 1104 S. Wabash Ave., and the Oct. 27 Career Center launch  at the 618 S. Michigan Ave. Building. 

Palacios said he hopes to be a resource during his time at the college.

“The monotony of school can be tedious, [and] I hope this is a breath of fresh air to motivate them to want to be better and to grow,” Palacios said. 

Beth Ryan, a lecturer in the Business & Entrepreneurship Department who taught Palacios, said she and her former student discussed a visit to the college a few years ago. Palacios is the first of many alumni Artists-in-Residence Columbia plans to bring to the college, she added. 

“He’s always had a desire to give back to Columbia, [teach students] what he wishes he knew when he was in the classroom and how to get your career started,” Ryan said. 

The “ReWrite Ya Life” event will be hosted by Creative Industry Collective—previously known as the Art of Business/Business of Art organization. Francesca Brilli, the group’s vice president and junior business & entrepreneurship major, said she was excited about Palacios’ visit. 

The “ReWrite Ya Life” event is based on the talk of the same name Palacios did at the TEDxColumbiaCollegeChicago event during the Spring 2016 Semester, Brilli said. 

“Success is absolutely in the journey, not the destination,” Palacios said in his TEDx presentation. “You have the opportunity to rewrite your life everyday. Life is going to come at you from every different angle. That doesn’t mean swim against the tide. Ride the wave.” 

Brilli said Palacios coming back to Columbia to share his experience with students reflects well on his character.

“He stands as a role model, showing people, ‘This is what you can do with what you’ve been given here,’” Brilli said.

According to Mary Filice, interim chair of the Business & Entrepreneurship Department, Palacios represents Columbia’s current student body. 

“He represents our students across the college, but also [students] within this department who are creative [and] realize the need to have the skills to continue having a successful and meaningful career,” Filice said. “He’s an ideal model for what we believe in here at Columbia.”

Palacios said Columbia helped prepare him for his career with opportunities such as the Semester in L.A. program. 

“It was an incredible platform for me to be able to get a summary of what music business entails,” Palacios said. “All these opportunities just prepared me to get out and govern myself.”