In response to ‘Chicago, environmental activists not McLovin’ McDonald’s eco practices’

By Letter to the Editor, by Jon Camp

It’s heartening to see Chicago citizens urging McDonald’s to adopt better environmental policies. As your article stated, not only does McDonald’s get an F on the U.S. Public Interest Research Group report card, McDonald’s also gets failing grades when it comes to animal welfare.

Chickens raised for McDonald’s are bred to grow so fast and grotesquely large that they suffer crippling injuries and deformities. If humans grew at this rate, a six-pound newborn would weigh 660 pounds after just two months. As if to make their lives worse, they are confined in cramped, barren warehouses for the duration of their short yet sad lives.

Over 100 companies, including Subway and Burger King, have adopted a meaningful animal welfare policy that addresses the worst abuses in the chicken supply chain. Why won’t McDonald’s do the same?

Jon Camp

Vice President, Grassroots, The Humane League

Silver Spring, MD

Columbia College class of ‘98