Where’s my sticker?

By Tyler Davis

With so many people voting early and absentee this year, some people are feeling left out because they didn’t get an “I Voted” sticker. Even those voting today may not get stickers because some polling places have either run out of them or never had them in the first place.

There’s a full-on sticker shortage. This is so serious that Twitter users have started using the hashtag #stickergate.

It’s not often that grown-ups complain about not getting stickers, but the “I Voted” sticker is a great social motivation to get to the polls, argues an article posted today by the Atlantic. The sticker is a symbol of participation one can proudly wear on Election Day, and some businesses even offer discounts for people wearing “I Voted” stickers, including White Castle and Olive Garden.

The online magazine Slate has posted some printable stickers for those who feel left out, with phrases such as “I Absentee Voted” and “My Polling Place Ran Out of Stickers But I Seriously Voted.” Of course, they’re using the honor system, so this could become a serious sticker fraud issue.