By Bethany Reinhart

The Chronicle got to know a few of Columbia’s student veterans in this story. Learn more about them here.

Devon Edwards

Devon Edwards joined the United States Navy in his junior year of high school at the age of 17.  He went on to serve 17 years in the military, spending 13 years in the Army, three years in the Navy and one year in the Air Force. Edwards was deployed several times during his 17 years in the armed forces. His last deployment was in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. “I’ve traveled all over the world and enjoyed my experience immensely,” he said of his time in the military.  Edwards was medically discharged from the military after being diagnosed with Lupus. After leaving the military he spent some time in Kansas before returning to the greater Chicago area in 2008. Edwards now lives in Indiana with his wife and children. He is pursuing a degree in film and video from Columbia. He spends his free time as a youth pastor with his church.

Mica Hendricks

Mica Hendricks is a four-year veteran of the United States Air Force. Hendricks has always had a desire to pursue a job in broadcast journalism and came to Columbia in fall 2003 to attend classes part time. Hendricks enlisted in the Air Force during her first year at Columbia. After spending almost a full year on a waiting list, Hendricks finally went to Basic Combat Training and started her time in the Air Force. She said it took her a week or two to get adjusted to basic training but that she had fun after that. Basic Training reminded her of being in high school all over again. She was eventually stationed at Seymour Johnson Air Force base in North Carolina. Hendricks said her time in the Air Force was very different from her civilian life and that she was lucky to have the opportunity to meet people from all over the country. “I actually had a lot of fun,” Hendricks said about her time in the military. When Hendricks left the military she was an Airman 1st Class. She said she would recommend the military to anyone who needs a way to pay for college. She said her time in the Air Force made her much more disciplined and taught her not to procrastinate. She says she has no regrets about her time in the Air Force.

Joshua Savageau

Joshua Savageau, originally from Minot, N.D., is a senior audio arts and acoustics major at Columbia. He enlisted in the military in June 2000 and spent six years in the United States Navy. During his time in the Navy he was deployed twice. While serving, Savageau realized he wanted to pursue a future in music production. His favorite thing about being in the Navy was the opportunity to see new places around the world. Savageau has been out of the armed forces for two years. He plans to graduate from Columbia this year and go on to graduate school. In his spare time, Joshua enjoys playing the piano, traveling and watching “Ghost Hunters.”

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