Green Party supporters stay hopeful for the future

By Metro Reporter

Chicago Green Party supporters remained positive during election night on Nov. 8 as nearly 30 local members joined to show support for their Presidential Candidate, Jill Stein. 

Rob Sherman, Green Candidate for Congress from the 5th District of Illinois, was part of the election watch gathering, held at the Green Party’s campaign office in Wicker Park, 2201 W. North Avenue, saying he was there to not only show support for Stein but also on behalf of his own campaign. Sherman finished the election with a total of 5 percent of votes, compared with Mike Quigley from the Democratic Party with 68 percent of votes and Republican Vince Kolber with 28 percent.

Sherman said Stein believes strongly in Green candidates’ rejection of corporate campaign contributions.

“By not taking corporate contributions, you can be responsive to the residents of the district rather than to your big money donors,” Sherman explained. 

The Green Party is dedicated to advancing the Greens’ Ten Key Values such as feminism, ecological wisdom and nonviolence in political and social lives, according to the Green Party website. 

Supporters remained calm as results trickled in. Members gathered around the projection screen to watch Stein give a live speech at 8:30 p.m., and some stayed for the final result.

Nancy Wade, chairperson for the Green Party of Chicago, said she supports Stein because she is the only candidate who talks seriously about global warming and climate change.

“The fact that we need an emergency response plan to what is an emergency situation, and she talks about a War World II-level mobilization in order to combat climate change and global warming,” Wade said.

Wade added that Stein talks about a “New Deal,” based on investing in renewable energies, which would help revitalize the economy.

Tim Curtin, Green Party Candidate for Illinois State Comptroller, said that the campaign has been focused on grassroots democracy and a “green agenda” to rebuild the economy. Curtin finished the election with 2.7 percent of votes, compared with Libertarian Claire Ball with 3.5 percent of votes, Republican Leslie Geissler Munger with 44.9 percent of votes and Democratic Susana Mendoza with 49.0 percent of votes. 

Attendees took Stein’s defeat in stride and had little reaction to the presidential election results, preferring to focus on future plans for the party and the next election.

“My big hope is, overtime, democracy will break out and things change,” Curtin said. “If you believe in change overtime, I am optimistic.”

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