‘New Moon’: Forbidden romance sparkles on silver screen

If you want to see that sparkle again, wait no longer.

Edward is back. And fans will have a howling good time at “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.”

Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and her vampire would-be lover Edward (Robert Pattinson), are still together when the movie opens.

The film begins with a dream that reflects Bella’s darkest fear: If the two stay together, she will grow older, but Edward will not, which means he will end up with a grandmotherly type of sweetheart who eventually will die and leave him alone.

As Bella faces her 18th birthday, she begins to realize that she truly wants to be a vampire and join Edward forever in facing the joys and threats (including other vampires) of being “undead.”

Edward has always wanted to protect Bella — sometimes from himself. When her life is jeopardized by a member of his own family, Edward decides it’s best if he leaves Bella. In fact, the entire Cullen clan abandons their Washington state home.

Through it all, Bella’s best friend Jacob (Taylor Lautner) stays close beside his pal. He seems to be the one who might be able to end the horrible nightmares that leave her screaming in the middle of the night.

But Jacob has a secret: He’s not always human. In fact, he’s among the members of his American Indian tribe who make quite a transformation when they sense that a vampire is prowling around — a vampire such as the powerful, vengeance-seeking Victoria.

As Bella realizes that Victoria is coming after her, she also finds out that Edward has made a decision to end his life. She takes off on a mad rush to Italy in order to save him.

Those who have read the books (I have not) will know what’s coming, but it won’t matter. I do think it’s important, if you want to see “New Moon,” to watch “Twilight” first because it sets the ground rules for the characters in terms of the attributes and “laws” of the vampires. This second segment has a little more humor and more of a social conscience than the first one did.

This concept of a “forbidden romance” has intrigued (mostly female) audiences since storytelling began. (Check out the ’80s version by watching a few segments of the “Beauty and the Beast” television series.)

Twilighters, prepare to swoon over “New Moon.” And get ready for the next chapter in this fantasy-focused love story.